8 Products Our Beauty Editor Tried & Loved Last Month

From CBD skincare to multi-use pigments, our ‘What’s New’ page has been brimming with cool new brands and product innovations this past month, and I’ve been lucky enough to try a fair few of them. It was impossible for me to pick just one product I loved – so I’m letting you in on all the ones – across the categories of skin, hair, and makeup – that I couldn’t get enough of in October. 

Holy Grail Skincare Clay Mask

If you have stubborn, under-the-skin blemishes that just won’t quit, try Holy Grail’s Hibiscus & Pomegranate Detoxifying Mask. It’s powered by kaolin clay, aloe vera, and glycolic acid, and claims to help detoxify, exfoliate, and calm skin in one go. That it does. The combination of 10% glycolic and kaolin clay is perfect for drawing out congestion and giving breakout-prone skin the TLC it so desperately needs. 

BeYou CBD Oral Drops 600MG

If you’re in tune with what’s going on in the wellness world, you’ll have noticed that CBD has taken it (and the beauty industry) by storm. Clinical studies have shown that it can help to manage insomnia, alleviate anxiety, and soothe inflammation and pain. It works best when taken daily, like a vitamin – albeit in liquid form. The BeYou CBD Oral Drops can be mixed with water, but I prefer to deliver them straight to my tongue. Don’t give up if you don’t feel the benefits straight away – I’ve been taking it for two months now and feel like I’m noticing it help me to feel more calm and balanced. 

Sugar Bear Hair Women’s Multi Vitamins

If you’re in search of long, thick, flowing hair (TV ad style!), it’s more than likely that you’ve tried your fair share of hair growth products – and also had a fair share of disappointment that comes when your hair doesn’t show any signs of growing further than your shoulder blades. The thing is, there’s no such thing as a magical potion that will suddenly kickstart hair growth. The way hair growth supplements work is fueling the body with vitamins and nutrients that improve hair strength and health – the stronger and healthier your hair is, the longer and thicker it will grow. It takes a few months to see results, but for the past ten weeks I’ve been popping a couple of Sugar Bear Hair’s Women’s Multi Vegan Gummies every day after my lunch, and (despite two haircuts during this time) my hair is now at the longest it’s ever been.  

Depixym Cosmetic Emulsion 1162

One of the biggest trends to hit the beauty world this year was colourful eyeliner – a trend I have been fully on board with. It’s been surprisingly hard to find the right products to achieve this look, but I finally struck gold when Depixym launched. The powerful cream pigments can actually be used in loads of different ways, but I find them perfect for liner – all you need is an angled brush. I especially love wearing this bright pink, pared with fresh skin and neutral lips so it stands out. 

Mount Lai Eye Massage Tool

The perfect mix between a crystal roller and a gua sha, Mount Lai’s Rose Quartz Eye Massage Tool is perfect for massaging oils, serums, and creams into skin – and unlike other tools is small enough to get into the nooks and crannies of my face. The massage process improves product absorption and helps to drain away fluid retention (reducing puffiness) and stimulate blood flow (which encourages skin to heal) so I try to use this every evening. What’s more, rose quartz has incredible qualities for soothing and calming skin – and it’s one of the few stones that can retain temperature, so when I keep it in the fridge before use, it stays cool as I use it. 

BEAUTY BAY Microfibre Sponge

I’ve been trying out production samples of sponges as part of this project for months, so I consider myself a bit of an expert at this point. Unlike regular sponges, the BEAUTY BAY Microfibre Sponge has a microfibre coating which gives it a velvety texture, and prevents it from absorbing any of your products. This also means that when you use it, you can use way less foundation than you would use with a normal blender – otherwise it’ll end up looking cakey and streaky. 

West Barn Co Brow Boost

I’ve religiously applied oil to my eyebrows ever since a particularly nasty waxing experience in my teens – I’m convinced it’s the secret to keeping them thick and soft. When I saw that West Barn Co had launched Brow Boost, I just had to give it a try. It comes in a luxe glass bottle that’s filled with a blend of active ingredients (including grapeseed and macadamia oils) chosen to stimulate microcirculation and nourish the hair to promote growth.  

Yes To Lavender Deodorant

The perfect natural deodorant does exist, and this is it. Yes To’s Natural Charcoal Deodorant comes in two different scents: tea tree and lavender – the lavender is my personal favourite. The texture is light, non-sticky, and kind to skin, the scent is extra relaxing, and the aluminium-free formula is every bit as effective as the aerosol spray that I was using before.