8 Beauty Essentials To Pack This Festival Season

As festival season is quickly approaching, we thought it was about time we discussed the important stuff: the beauty necessities that will get you through those few days away from home. 

Packing light is key to festival living, but what about all our beauty products? Wherever you’re off to this festival season, here’s everything you need to keep on top of your SPF and have some fun with biodegradable glitters, shimmers and jewels.


First and foremost, before you get carried away with all things fun and glitter, you need to make sure you protect both your body and your scalp. It’s 2019 so I think we’re all aware of the necessity to wear SPF every day, but so often we forget to protect our scalps. If you don’t have a chic hat to cover up with then the Alpha H Protection Plus Hair and Body Spray SPF50 is going to cover all your bases and keep you protected all day long.

Lip balm

Another area most of us forget is our lips. The EOS Lemon Drop Lip Balm SPF15 not only tastes good but it also keeps lips protected with SPF 15 and is water resistant for up to 80 minutes. These little robust spheres are the perfect size to carry around and are in solid form so no chance of leaking or bursting. Plus, they taste good.

Stay hydrated

Keep your skincare regime minimal (lets not forget we’ll be having too much fun to care) and just use a rich moisturiser like Freck Rich Bitch Cactus + Vitamin C Moisturizer. This product is packed full of antioxidants and vitamins like vitamin C to keep us looking glowing and plumped with hydration. The product features prickly pear seed oil which contains more vitamin E than any other beauty oil so you’re going to wake up looking fresh!


Now on to the fun stuff – the BEAUTY BAY Gelée Glow Multi Use Highlighter is going to cover all your needs since you can use it on your high points, as an eyeshadow, to glow up a lip balm, or to get your collarbones shining bright whilst dancing around. 


With minimal makeup comes plenty of glitter and jewels, which is where The Gypsy Shrine comes in. They have plenty of different face jewels for you to up your beauty game and live your best life. My favourite has to be The Gypsy Shrine Moon Child All In One Face Jewels set which features wonderful opal and purple jewels to draw attention to your eyes (which will be seen from space thanks to that multi-use highlighter).


If the highlight and jewels aren’t enough for you then how about some glitter? Since it’s biodegradable, these glitters are both safe for the environment as well as your skin. They can be used pretty much anywhere – face, body, hair! And are a brilliant way to upgrade any look you go for. The Gypsy Shrine Face, Hair and Body Glitters are affordable pots that come in a gorgeous range of different colours so you can find the best one for you.

Wipe it off

If, like us, you’re trying to stay away from makeup wipes, Face Halo is a wonderful alternative to those one-use, throwaway products. This little circular pad is made up of fibres 100 times finer than human hair and only needs water to take your makeup off. That means you don’t need to carry extra cleanser with you like other face cloths. We didn’t believe this could actually work until we tried it and low and behold, this pad and a bit of cold water took off a full face of makeup. We wouldn’t do this every night so don’t be throwing away your cleansers anytime soon, but for festivals and small trips, this is all you need. Even better, the pad can just be thrown in the washing machine and washed up to 200 times!

Bag it up

There are plenty of makeup bags out there, but my personal favourite is the MYKITCO. My Kit Duffel that comes with pockets inside to keep all your products upright. It’s PVC coated so is going to be a bit more durable that your average bag, meaning it can take on whatever festival season throws at it.