8 Gifts To Kickstart A Makeup Collection

Oh, to be a beauty newbie. We all remember our first beauty buy (or steal from our mum’s top shelf) because they are the products that help to shape your obsession. Whether it was that first swipe of eyeshadow or discovering concealer to hide your budding blemishes, our first beauty buys are as nostalgic as baby pictures. So, if you’re Christmas hauling for someone fresh on the makeup scene, you need to make it memorable. 

Keep scrolling to find eight of the most memorable beauty buys that every blossoming makeup collection needs. 

By BEAUTY BAY Bright 42 Colour Palette

An eyeshadow palette is always a great starting point for any beauty newbie, but By BEAUTY BAY’s Bright 42 Colour Palette is an elite gift. Not only does it feature all the rainbow matte and glitter hues starter kits need, but it’s also made with By BEAUTY BAY’s famous pigment formula that gives nothing but intense payoff and major staying powder. As far as makeup goes, this is a day one.  

By BEAUTY BAY Prime & Set Duo

One of the biggest beauty lessons in the book is how to keep your makeup looking its best. We’ve all had those awkward moments when we get home from a night with our friends to the realisation that our foundation has smudged, transferred, or the classic shine situation has taken over. By BEAUTY BAY Prime & Set Duo is here to prep the skin for makeup and control shine in a quick mist, and lock makeup in place for up to 12 hours. Absolute essentials. 

Ofra Face It Midi Palette

Contouring is one of the hardest makeup lessons to master. It’s a skill that needs daily practice and the stellar product that won’t let you down. Ofra’s Face It Midi Palette is the perfect entry level contour palette thanks to its effortlessly blendable formula that won’t leave your beauty newbie with blending mishaps. With a highlighter, contour, and bronzer shade (and three shade rages to choose from), this is the palette that all sculpted beauty looks need. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Face Palette

If you think your beauty newbie would enjoy a pop of colour in their contour looks, Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Face Palette is the perfect haul. With three shade variations to choose from, the palettes feature a bonzer to contour, a highlighter to illuminate, and a blusher for a glowy finish, each leaving a long-lasting, natural look. All beauty newbies deserve Anastasia Beverly Hills, trust us on this. 


Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara is a must-have for ANY beauty kit. Firstly, this is the mascara that broke the internet when it went viral on TikTok. Secondly, start-up beauty hauls need it for all the reasons it went viral. We’re talking lengthened, voluminous, full-bodied lashes that won’t suffer flaking or smudging. Millennials, you know the pain. 

Suva Beauty UV Primaries

Graphic liner is trending, and we’re pretty sure it will be for years to come, so your beauty newbie needs to be jumping on that skill ASAP. Suva Beauty’s UV Primaries liner palette is the ideal starting point: five primary shades that can be mixed together for custom colours that glow under UV and blacklights, a smudge-proof formula, and a precision brush. An essential for any Gen Z beauty lovers. 

By BEAUTY BAY Nude Collection Matte Lipstick Quad

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, applying lipstick isn’t as easy as everyone thinks, especially if you’re new to the beauty world. Finding the contours of the lips, working out which shades work with a look, and mastering the general art of a steady hand are all lessons in lipstick that need practice. By BEAUTY BAY’s Nude Collection Matte Lipstick Quad is the ideal starting point for a beauty novice; they’re ultra-creamy, long-lasting, smudge-proof, and oh so effortlessly chic. 

Sample Beauty Vegan Synthetic Silk False Lashes Set

Applying false eyelashes is another huge makeup lesson that needs plenty of practice. We’ve all been getting ready for a big day/night, makeup is perfect, but bad eyelash application ruins your look, vibe, and wards you off ever using them again. We don’t wish that on anyone, which is why your beauty newbie needs and deserves Sample Beauty Vegan Synthetic Silk False Lashes Set. With five reusable pairs to practice with, this is the gift that saves all future occasions.