7 Beauty Products To Buy On Payday

We made it through another January and payday is finally in sight. You’ve not treated yourself since Christmas and, we know, a haul is well overdue.

Here at BEAUTY BAY, we’ve been prepping for the most anticipated payday of the year with the very best new brands, so your February will be way better than your January.

Smile Makers The Tennis Pro

What better way to brighten up your February than with a Smile Maker. The brand specialises in vibrators and lubricants, perfect for helping you take care of your sexual wellness in one of the greyest months of the year. Proven to reduce stress, release tension, enhance sleep, and boost self-confidence, spending time with a Smile Maker is about to become an essential part of your self-care (and beauty) routine.

We recommend The Tennis Pro, a rounded head vibrator, with four speeds and two pulsation modes, for focused stimulation on the G-spot. You’re going to feel great.

BEAUTY BAY EYN Bright 9 Colour Palette

Okay, so the EYN Bright 9 Colour Palette isn’t brand new, but we couldn’t resist in revisiting this palette to help give the dreary days some colour. With 42 rainbow shades, the EYN Bright palette is the ultimate summer staple, and that’s our vibe this February.

Our heads we turned by new palette launches and soft glam looks in A/W 19, but EYN has had a serious revival for the BB staff this month, mainly due to the hidden pastel shades. Perfect for creating so many looks, we’ll be wearing one EYN shade at a time for a simple pop of colour.

Dr. Hauschka Sage & Mint Deodorant

We’re all feeling the crunch to make our lives more sustainable, and we know it can be super hard to make change to your everyday life, especially when you’re used to using a product, such as a spray deodorant, every day. But if you’re planning on venturing away from aluminium deodorants, then Dr. Hauschka’s Sage & Mint Deodorant is a great place to start.

The roll-on deodorant has a gentle, creamy formula made without harmful ingredients and is completely vegan. Housed in a glass bottle, the deodorant is perfect for desk-side freshen ups, and let’s face it, is the most shelfie-worthy antiperspirant we’ve ever seen.

Fur Silk Scrub

Fur is one of our favourite new brands to hit BEAUTY BAY in January. Not only does their packaging have the Scandi minimal vibe we’re loving, but their products are wholly targeted at soothing and smoothing skin, treating ingrown hairs and prepping the skin for shaving, waxing, or staying au naturel.

The Silk Scrub has been on our wish list since the brand launched, mainly because our winter skin is crying out for a new lease of life. The scrub uses physical and chemical exfoliants to brighten and refine skin without damaging sensitive skin around the pubic area while preventing ingrown hairs. A winter and summer essential in our eyes.

Jouer Cosmetics Essential High Coverage Concealer Pen

If there is one time of year that we need hyaluronic acid in our concealer, it’s January and February. The masterminds at Jouer obviously heard our plea and dropped their Essential High Coverage Concealer Pen right on our doorstep. The creamy, hydrating formula is everything winter skin needs to feel that little bit more nourished when you’re out and about.

The concealer also has a precise tip, perfect for getting concealer into those hard to reach places, while the lightweight formula ensures coverage that lasts all day. Plus, the added vitamin C will help to brighten the complexion, even if you haven’t been in direct sunlight for three days.

Skincare by BEAUTY BAY Super Jelly Cleansing Gel

We are, of course, so excited to be launching our very own skincare line this January and we recommend literally everything in the collection. But a standout product from the collection has to be the Super Jelly Cleansing Gel, mainly because of our newfound obsession with prebiotic skincare.

The Super Jelly Cleanser Gel is non-foaming, non-stripping formula, great for removing light makeup in the morning and the evening. Enriched with prebiotics (read more here), a trending skincare ingredient which can basically help solve all skin woes, from acne to dry skin; plus, avocado oil to keep the skin cleansed and moisturised. It’s going to be a great skin month, guys.

ECooking Multi Balm

Winter skin is really taking a beating this pay day, especially if ECooking and their Multi Balm are involved. The super-hydrating, super-smoothing, multi-use balm is one of our favourite products to land on our desks this January. Great for soothing very dry, very sensitive skin and calming irritated skin, the balm deserves a place on every beauty list for at least the next five years. That’s how excited the BEAUTY BAY staff are about this balm.

Formulated with argan oil, shea butter, and vitamin E, the Multi Balm can be used on the face as a hydrating primer, on the lips throughout the day, on the body to tackle dry spots and even on the cuticles to banish hangnails.