The Biggest Beauty Trends For 2022

Post-pandemic, health and wellness have become fully absorbed into the world of beauty, and that’s kicked off some big changes in our attitudes towards and ideas about what beauty means, how we approach skincare, and why we wear makeup. From sustainable skincare to the evolution of bodycare, 2022 has a lot in store for us… 

Waterless beauty

Removing water from products makes them become more concentrated, helps them to last longer, and cuts down on carbon commissions since they’re lighter and easier to transport. Expect to see a lot more water-free formulas and powder solutions hitting the shelves soon. 

Brown lipstick

Brown lipstick is one of the latest nineties beauty trends to make a comeback. Blame TikTok and the sell-out success of Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. Originally launched in the 1970s, it made a huge comeback in 2021 and we’re predicting it’ll be the first of many brown lipsticks to go viral. 

Refillable packaging

Sustainable and eco-friendly approaches to beauty have become more than just a trend and refillable packaging is by no means new, but in 2022 we’re set to see it become much more mainstream. Refill products help to cut down on plastic consumption which means less waste is sent to landfill. 

Science-first skincare

We’ve all become so much more clued up on the science behind skincare, thanks to the dermatologists, estheticians, and product formulators we love to follow on TikTok and Instagram. Brands are following suit, collaborating and consulting with skin professionals on new products, and creating formulas that hero results-driven ingredients. We love to see it. 

Lowkey base makeup

This year it’s all about the no makeup makeup look. Light, sheer bases that look (and feel) barely there are key to getting the fresh-faced, natural look. Ditch heavy foundations and full-coverage concealers in favour of tinted moisturisers and BB creams that keep skin looking like skin. 

Skin barrier skincare

More and more people are beginning to understand what the skin barrier does and why it’s so important to keep it strong and healthy. In backlash to the recent trend toward using acids and peels, the focus will now be upon repairing damage done and restoring skin to its healthy, happy self. Look out for ingredients like ceramides, squalane, niacinamide, probiotics, and omegas. 

3D nail art

If you’re one of the thousands who experimented with DIY nail art during lockdown, you’ll understand why it’s such a big trend. Anything fun and creative offers a welcome relief from the pressures of living through a pandemic! In 2022, expect things to go even further than the eye-catching shapes and finishes that we’re used to. From pearls and piercings to jelly textures and waterdrop bubbles, nail art is going multi-dimensional. 


Sunscreen is far more than just a trend, it’s the most important product in your skincare routine. Thanks to this now being widely recognised and communicated by our favourite beauty influencers, we predict that 2022 will see the launch of some exciting and innovative SPF formulas. Watch this space… 

Skincare as bodycare

With more time spent at home over the past two years, our bathing rituals and bodycare routines have had a serious upgrade. In 2022, we suspect this will get an even sharper focus, with more ingredient-focused products to address specific body concerns like bacne, intimate hygiene, scalp health, and footcare

Embracing imperfections

As we’re saying goodbye to mask-like foundations and Instagram filters, we’re embracing our natural, real skin, and turning the idea of ‘imperfections’ on its head. Expect to see everyone from influencers to celebrities sharing the reality of breakouts, pigmentation, wrinkles, and dandruff. There will be no such thing as taboo in 2022.