We Tried Out The Best Beauty Works Products & Here’s What We Thought

Hold on to your hats! Beauty Works has arrived at BEAUTY BAY and we really need to talk about it. Not only are they the go-to brand for all your hair curling, waving, and straightening needs, but they also have everything you need to keep the hair and hair extensions looking better than salon fresh. They’re the iconic haircare brand that Instagram has been obsessing over for years. And for good reason! They did, after all, grace us with must-have Molly-Mae collection, the styler that creates those effortless mermaid curls, and the can-do-anything Trio Styler.

In the spirit of helping you find your next styler, we tried and tested three of Beauty Works’ most iconic hair tools (plus, some haircare for good measure) so you know where to find your next good hair day.

Professional Styler Trio Edition

‘Three is always better than one, right? IMHO this affordable styler gives its pricier counterparts a run for its money thanks to its multitasking ability to style hair in any number of curl types. The original barrel creates bouncy, voluminous curls, the tapered wand gives hair effortless, beachy waves, and the 25mm barrel is designed to create tight, perm-like curls. Truly, a curl for every occasion! All three barrels are extra long, which makes styling infinitely quicker and easier – especially if you’re long-haired, like me. It’s also really lightweight, so you don’t feel like your arm’s about to fall off by the time you get round to tackling tricky areas at the back, and if your previous experiences with curling tongs have left your hair a frizzy mess, you’ll be pleased to know that the three barrels have ceramic coated wands for sleek, smooth results. The only hard part is deciding which one to go for…’


The Waver

‘I’m a huge fan of any styler that can keep my hair looking just-done for days. Beauty Works The Waver is the ultimate haul for creating beachy looking waves that hold their beachiness for daysssss. I have pretty fine hair so anything that can give my normally limp locks a boost of life is a huge winner for me. I waved my hair on a Sunday night after treating it to the Pearl Nourishing Argan Oil Mask and my waves stayed looking pretty fine until at least the following Thursday. The great thing about beachy, effortless waves is that going to bed and waking with bed hair only adds to the whole look! I lightly ran a comb through my hair in the morning to detangle any knots, added some dry shampoo for boosting purposes and I looked like I had just spent a day sunning myself on the beach. Turns out, good hair days need messy, wavy hair.’


Beauty Works X Molly Mae Volume 2

‘Is there anything better than a classic curl? Well, whatever your answer, myself and Molly-Mae disagree. The Beauty Works X Molly Mae Volume 2 is the ultimate curling wand for creating, yep you guess it, those Molly-Mae worthy waves that everyone on Insta is trying to replicate. I have quite long hair and the extra long barrel of the curling wand is perfect for holding every inch of my hair, so my curls are always perfectly even. But the Beauty Works X Molly Mae Volume 2 is more than just a curling wand; it has everything you need before, during, and after your styling session. With the 100% Vegan Bristle Platinum Paddle Brush to softly comb the hair, ten sectioning clips for styling, and a pin tail comb for post-styling maintenance, the set has literally all the good for creating those Insta-worthy curls that will always look good.’