16 beautyblender Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is upon us and we all know that means one thing: it’s time to overhaul you beauty essentials and find the brag-worthy deals that won’t make you feel too guilty to spending into your Christmas present savings (oops).

Bragging Rights season calls for shaking up your collection from tools to setting sprays and there is no better brand for revamping your beauty basics (and everything you need to keep them pristine) than beautyblender. And with 15% off many of the brand’s signature products, your tool game is about to get serious bragging rights.

Black Friday Set

Technically, the Black Friday Set doesn’t have a discount, BUT it does have a saving of 40% so it’s still an unmissable steal. Featuring a Pro Sponge, a Blenderdefender, two Blendercleanser Solids, and a beautyblender Travel Bag, the set is the dream for every beauty obsessive from beginners to pros.

Power Pocket Puff

You can’t go wrong adding a classic powder puff to your Black Friday haul. With a super soft pink side for applying powder and a tan buffed suede side for gentle blending, your looks will be flawless just in time for Christmas.

The Player 3-Way Brow Brush

Great brows are always brag-worthy, so you won’t regret adding The Player 3-Way Brow Brush to your haul. The dual-sided and triple-use brow brush can be used to apply brow powders, creams, gels, and waxes, while the spoolie is a pro at blending the brows and defining the lashes.

Blendercleanser Solid

The OG of makeup sponge and brush cleaning, Blendercleanser Solid can be used to keep your tools looking and working at their best while you’re on the go. Would this be the perfect stocking filler for that friend who always forgets to clean their tools? We think so.

Rosie Posie Blender Essentials Set

Three blenders and a mini cleanser will see you right through to the summer and that means months of not worrying that your sponges need replacing. It goes without saying that those floral colours would be the perfect addition to any vanity table.


The classic beautyblender sponge that started the whole game is a must in any Bragging Rights haul. With the classic shape that makes liquid, cream, and powder products a dream to apply, the iconic Sponge is ideal for any beautyblender novices who are yet to be obsessed.

Re-Dew Set And Refresh Spray

beautyblender aren’t just about the iconic tools and can’t-live-without brush cleansers. They have also dipped their toes into the hydrating facial spray game and how lucky we are that they did. The Re-Dew Set and Refresh Spray keeps dull skin at bay and supercharges the skin with antioxidants. Your glow? Oh so brag-worthy.


Solving the age-old beauty problem of how to keep your beautyblender sponge immaculate in between washes, the Blenderdefender is a protective container that you will never regret hauling. Ideal for that bestie who loves travelling, or for your mum who always manages to lose her sponge.

Pro Sponge

Pro by name, pro by nature. beautyblender’s Pro Sponge is the older, slightly chicer version of the classic sponge that will help you nail all those pro-worthy Christmas looking you’ve been saving on Instagram. Buy now, thank us later.

Beauty Blusher Cheeky Coral

This is no ordinary makeup sponge. Oh no, it’s been specially designed to help you nail your blusher and highlighter game, and we have to remind you, it’s nearly prime highlighter season. You know everyone will be asking where you got that glow…

Body Blender

Been looking for that perfect mitt that will have your tan looking as flawless as your foundation? Well it’s here. The high-performance Body Blender is perfect for applying self-tan and body bronzers with the same precision as your trust sponge.

Nude Sponge

If your Black Friday shopping is all about finding the perfect gifts for your friends and family, we think you’ve just found the perfect buy for your mum. Simple but effective, the Nude Sponge has all the hallmarks of the classic sponge, but with a classy nude colour. (Think of the Brownie points you’ll win)

Blendercleanser Solid Pro

The older sibling of the Blendercleanser Solid, the Blendercleanser Solid Pro is perfect for those who are already well-versed in the regular brush and sponge cleansing ritual. With two parts, the textured silicone pad deeply cleans while the lavender scented cleanser to lathers tools until they’re like new.

Blotterazzi Pro

Cold weather outside, heating on full inside; it’s prime season for greasy patches and oily makeup. But don’t suffer in silence and wipe your face with your hands. Haul the Blotterazzi Pro to diminish the appearance of oiliness without moving your makeup for a perfect matte finish.

Wave Shadeshifter

Even as we reach adult (ish) age, there is still something so fun about a colour changing product. The Wave Shadeshifter transformsfrom lilac to a powder blue when soaked in warm water, which is cool and also handy if you tend to forget if you’ve already wet your sponge.

Liquid BlenderCleanser

There isn’t a beauty lover out there that won’t shower you with thanks after you gift them the Liquid BlenderCleanser. The OG formula for cleaning makeup sponges and brushes, the cleanser breaks down residue and germs, so brushes and sponges look and feel as clean as they day they were bought.