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By Jourdana Davies, 5th January 2016

It’s no secret that there are beauty stereotypes associated with certain areas of the country – Essex girls are renowned for (safely) topping up their tan, Liverpudlians are supposedly big on brows and blow dries whilst Londoners prefer to keep things pared back – but we’re not so carelessly led by such preconceptions. So, we decided to find out more, delving into our makeup sales from the past two years to see what the nation have been purchasing and where.

We wanted to discover exactly which regions are making brows their stand out feature and which county is addicted to creating the perfect feline-flicks.

Inspiration from vlogger tutorials, showcasing how to get a perfectly defined eyeliner flick or a razor-sharp cheekbone contour, has fuelled our love of beauty tools.  Becca from Fashion Train suggested that the reason one in five purchases are makeup brushes, is because they are a true beauty essential, especially in her home county of South Yorkshire: “Yorkshire girls definitely have their makeup on point due to this makeup bag necessity.”  That said, Michelle from Thou Shalt Not Covet suggested the rise in popularity was born out of the contouring trend, where a range of tapered and cashmere soft brushes are required to create the most well-blended ad sculpted finish.

We discovered that our affection for self tan has dipped: as the sunshine-in-a-bottle product no longer sits within the top five in many counties across the UK, including Essex (curtailing their tan-loving stereotype). In fact, nail varnish is the real winner in Essex as Georgina from Georgina Does explains, “I think having a set of fresh set of nails truly finishes off an outfit and is a great way to subtly show personality.” Essex-based Tiny Twisst blogger, Laura, also agreed, “I think nail polish is far more popular than fake tan in Essex because, believe it or not, we’re not all orange!”

It turns out that residents of Scotland are avid fans of foundation, purchasing considerably more than the national average. When considering why this might be the case, Adrienne from The Sunday Girl suggested it could be the Scots’ lack of sunshine that makes the ladies of the North reach for foundation products to create a flawless and glowing base.

As for makeup bag staples, blushers hold their own across the UK, enabling those in Northern counties, especially,  to gain a natural, healthy glow. Georgina from She Might be Loved and Hayley from Tea Party Beauty agreed, “It’s rare we see consistent sunshine so we have to fake our healthy rosy cheeks with blushers, bronzers and highlighters.”

And, as we all know, a carefully crafted look would not be complete without a touch of lippy, which was most popular in Somerset, with shades of pink purchased over any other colour. Cherry from Cherry Pie noted that women living in Somerset aren’t all “roaming about on tractors” and that they love to complete their look with this simple transformation.

However, ensuring that brows are ‘on fleek’  appears to be most important to the nation as a whole, with 25% of all makeup sales being linked to eyebrow products. Cara Delevingne, we salute you.

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