The Best Cleansers For Combination Skin

When you skin is combination and experiences both dryness and oiliness, taking care of it can be a complicated process. Essentially, it’s all about achieving balance and once you start using the right products, you may find that your oiliness or dryness (or both!) disappears completely, leaving you with a much more manageable skin type. 

When it comes to choosing a cleanser for combination skin, avoid products that contain harsh or aggravating ingredients and instead look for formulas that will soothe, calm, and balance your skin. 

Here are our favourite cleansers for combination skin. 

Skincare By BEAUTY BAY Super Jelly Cleansing Gel

This basic-in-a-good-way gel formula cleanses and calms in equal measure, thanks to a formula that includes barrier strengthening prebiotics and nourishing avocado. It leaves skin feeling soft and soothed, as all good cleansers should. 

Aesop Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser

This refreshing gel cleanser smells absolutely dreamy. Not to mention, it’s incredibly gentle on the skin, but still manages to remove makeup and impurities with ease. Perfect for skin that’s slightly on the oily side of combination. 

Neighbourhood Botanicals Acid Washed Facial Cleanser

Formulated with exfoliating lactic acid, this cleanser is ideal for those who experience textural dryness as the AHA helps to break down dead skin cells – without stripping skin. The result is super smooth skin, but without the irritation some scrubs and acids can leave. 

Gruum Exfoliating Face Wash

If you do prefer a scrub, this comes sensitive-skin approved. With a clarifying formula that includes witch hazel and eucalyptus as well as tiny perlite particles to gently buff rough patches, this is ideal for combination skin that experiences congestion and blackheads as well as dryness. 

Holifrog Omega Gel Wash

The perfect everyday cleanser. This cooling, lightweight gel combines probiotics, fatty acids, and vitamins to cleanse, tone, nourish, and replenish skin in one go. Use it first thing in the morning, or as a second cleanser to remove all traces of makeup and impurities. 

Elemis Balancing Lime Cleanser

Specifically designed to restore balance to combination skin that’s blemish-prone, this non-foaming cleanser has a gel-milk texture which feels instantly soothing. It melts away makeup and impurities in a matter of seconds, leaving skin clean but deeply hydrated. 

Mario Badescu Botanical Facial Gel

Another acid-based exfoliating cleanser which doesn’t scrub, sting, or leave skin feeling tight, but just does what it says on the bottle and cleanses. Proving that skincare can be affordable and effective, your skin will feel fresh and super smooth afterwards.  

Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser

As it’s formulated with oily, dry, and combination skin in mind, this cleanser is a safe bet and good all-rounder. It contains a cocktail of beneficial ingredients, including thyme, aloe vera, and cucumber to main hydration levels, keep pores clear, and restore balance.