The Best Eyebrow Powders, Hands Down

Proving that brows really have come a long way since the days of over-plucking and over-shaping, the 2020 brow game has not only been elevated but now offers us multiple options to choose from when it comes to choosing a product, deciding the shape, or practicing a new technique.

The laminated brow is this season’s go-to thanks to its low maintenance (once laminated) and strong shape that immediately lifts any face. The more budget-friendly alternative is the untouched brow – a brushed up shape with a few stray hairs or the ‘perfectly imperfect’ brow which is all about emphasising what you have and not trying too hard. Finally, the slim brows, for those who don’t want anything too bold – elegantly shaped with a light filling in the sparse areas.

When it comes to choosing a brow product, there are a multitude of formulas available, ranging from gels and mousses to the more traditional powders and pencils. Any makeup artist will tell you that nothing blends better than a powder – of all the formulas it’s the easiest to manipulate, it looks natural, and it works for any brow shape and style.

Whatever your style of choice is, our edit of eyebrow powders will cover every base effortlessly.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo

With light and dark shades, this compact duo is the perfect combination for ensuring you get a flawless colour match. Developed to be smudge-proof, this powder creates the perfect natural brow without having to put too much work in. 

Zoeva Brow Spectrum Palette

The ultimate brow kit, this has every brow colour covered. With nine shades, including ones to take shading and under brow highlight into consideration. The formula is lightweight, blendable and soft, helping you to achieve brows that look and feel effortlessly and expertly groomed.

Art Deco Eye Brow Powder

Little time for precision but need a complete and full brow? The eyebrow powder is your go-to when time isn’t on your side. Completing your makeup and accentuating your facial contour all at once, this eye-brow powder is quick. Plus, it’s perfect for travel with its magnetic sleeve.

Makeup Revolution Brow Sculpt Kit

Complemented with a buttery brow powder that sets under the brow gel perfectly, this brow and sculpt kit also includes a highlight shade, tweezers, brush and spoolie. Wave goodbye to four or five separate products and welcome the brow kit that has everything your brows could ever need. 

Misslyn Chocolate Brow Duo Eyebrow Powder

Whether you are after a strong or natural brow, this rich duo will treat your brows with the care and attention that they deserve. Customise your shape and create your depth with a brow powder that won’t steer you in the wrong direction.