The Best Eyeshadow Palettes For Blue Eyes

Whilst blue eyes look great when paired with most shadow shades, the versatility of your eye colour means you want a multitalented palette with options for day, night and everything in between. Scroll to see the hardest working eyeshadow palettes for your baby blues.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Palette

The shared hues of blue and purples means that anything from lilac to deep merlot looks amazing on blue eyes. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Palette has every neutral matte shade you might need for a complete look, with the addition of buttery lavenders, and cool toned sparkles. Keep it simple with a nude eye and a amethyst glitter smudged across the lid, or build up the matte mauve shades for a more intense look. 

Linda Hallberg Infinity Palette

Everybody needs a neutral, all rounder palette in their lives; something you can rely on for any occasion. But when we say versatile, we really mean it – the Linda Hallberg Infinity Palette is everything you need for day or night as it can be used anywhere you please; the neutral colour scheme and blendability of the pigments mean they can be used as blush, bronzer and highlight, as well as eyeshadows. 

Juvia's Place The Douce Palette

At first, the Juvia’s Place The Douce Palette might appear daunting with its flashes of hot pink and mint green. But when broken down, it’s actually very wearable for an everyday look, and every single colour is flattering on turquoise eyes. The neutral shades in combination with the cool toned shimmers are perfect to enhance your peepers, whilst the ‘party shades’ are a mix of both complementary and harmonious colours, making it an incredibly versatile palette. Don’t be scared of the bright shades – the paleness of blue eyes makes them a perfect canvas for something a little more bold! 

Melt Cosmetics Gun Metal Stack

The cool undertones in baby blue eyes mean that equally cool toned shadows really open up and enhance your eyes. Generally however, grey shadows can look muddy and ageing on the eyes, so opt for flashes of silver and gunmetal platinums instead – think grungey glam. The Melt Cosmetics Gun Metal Stack has everything you need for a cool toned smokey eye, with a pop of flattering metallic on the lid. 

BH Cosmetics Sylvia Gani 22 Colour Palette

For a truly striking makeup look, opt for complementary colours. If you think back to your high school art classes, you might remember that complementary colours are the two most opposite shades on the colour wheel. In the case of blue, the complementary colours are reds, oranges and yellows. The BH Cosmetics Sylvia Gani 22 Colour Palette has a wide range of warm shadows for a daring contrast, but also boasts a selection of gorgeously flattering purple and blues, so that you can mix and match your style to your heart’s desire.

BEAUTY BAY Identity 42 Colour Palette

As we’ve discovered, the versatility of blue eyes means they suit most colours on the spectrum, and with 42 (!) shades to choose from, the BEAUTY BAY Identity 42 Colour Palette has everything you could possibly need for any look; jewel purples and crystal blues to complement your eyes, fiery reds and warm oranges for contrast, and highly pigmented, cool toned shimmers for sultry, smoked out evening styles.