The Best Eyeshadow Palettes For Green Eyes

Oh hey, green-eyed girl! Wondering how to add dimension to your eyes, lighten them up or make them pop? Then you need to add these eyeshadow palettes to cart, pronto.

Sigma Beauty Warm Neutrals Volume 2

Taking it way back to art class colour theory, you may remember that red is green’s complementary (or, ‘opposite’) colour. This means the contrast of red based shadows really make an impact when layered on green eyes. Any shadow with a warm base – such as red, orange or pink – will make green eyes pop. We recommend the Sigma Beauty ‘Warm Neutrals Volume 2’ palette. It’s the definition of ‘small but mighty’, packing 12 gorgeous, highly pigmented warm shadows into one travel friendly palette.

BEAUTY BAY Identity Palette

With its huge range (42 shadows in fact) of neutrals, warm oranges and purples, the BEAUTY BAY Identity Palette means you’ll always have every shade you could possibly need close to hand, no matter what kind of look you’re going for. And did we mention the shades come in matte, metallic, and colour-changing duochrome finishes? With one palette, you have literally every occasion catered for.

Dose Of Colours Iluvsarahii Palette

Enhance and open up green eyes by layering multi-dimensional green-based shadows on the lid. You want a differentiation between the two, so don’t try to make the lid colour an exact ‘match’ to your eye colour, instead, opt for a deep khaki, or seafoam green. The Dose of Colours ‘iluvsarahii’ Palette houses a stunning emerald green with teal and turquoise reflects, that will look stunning when placed as a pop of colour on the lid.

Violet Voss Hashtag Palette

If you have dark green eyes, you may want to lighten them by playing up the golds and yellow tones within them. You can do this by using lilac, mauve and burgundy shadows, and – with its stunning selection of both neutrals and lavender hues – the BEAUTY BAY exclusive Violet Voss Hashtag Palette is the perfect starting point for a foray into the world of purples. 

ZOEVA Cocoa Blend Voyager Palette

We all know brown and green is a killer combo, both muted tones complement each other, and blend together seamlessly. Plus, who doesn’t love a classic brown eyeshadow look? If easy to blend, ‘one-and-done’ palettes are your jam, you need the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Voyager Palette in your life (and on your eyes).

OFRA Radiant Eyes Palette

Green eyes are often flecked with a tortoiseshell effect of other colours, such as browns and ambers. Add depth to green eyes by playing up the ‘gold’ found within them by using – you guessed it – gold shadows. The Ofra Radiant Eyes Palette has a range of muted golds, so that you can make a very #extra look work for your working day.