How To Choose A Face Mask, According To Your Star Sign

Picking the perfect face mask can be a tricky process of trial and error, but fortunately there’s an easy way to fast-track the process and identify products that align with the traits and quirks in your personality that distinguish you from others. That’s right, looking to the stars can gives us a few hints and clues on the beauty products we should be using, so whether you’re a routine-obsessed Virgo or a luxury-loving Taurus, there’s a face mask you can find with a little help from your zodiac sign! 


The Cancer sign is ruled by the stomach, which means your sensitivity can be physical as well as emotional. Luckily for you, probiotic skincare is a trend, so you can take an inside-out approach to skincare too. Every single one of Tula’s products contains probiotics, including the Exfoliating Treatment Mask, which gently but effectively cleanses without throwing skin out of balance. 


You love routine and when it comes to skincare you like to stick to using specific products at specific times. You’re also a big fan of self-indulgence so the evening is your favourite time of day – nothing beats winding down with some of the finer luxuries in life. Make one of them This Works’ Evening Detox Clay Mask – it’s designed to be used at night to cleanse skin of the environmental pollutants it’s been exposed to throughout the day. 


Your love of nature and the outdoors might not always manifest in literally spending time outside, but you do find yourself gravitating towards products which use natural and plant-based ingredients. Skin79’s Green Tea Clay Mask has an ingredient list which ticks all the boxes. Kaolin clay, green tea, algae, fruit extracts argan oil – you name it, it’s in it. 


When it comes to skincare you like to take an experimental approach and let your creativity and playfulness translate into your beauty routine. Be prepared for Yes To Tomatoes’ Detoxifying Charcoal DIY Mask to be your new fave thing. It comes in the form of a loose powder – mix it with a medium of your choice (water, yoghurt, honey – the possibilities are endless) to treat blemish-prone complexions. 


Aquarians infamously favour form over function, which basically means that you’re all about the aesthetic – if a mask is Instagrammable, then it’s in your collection. If selfies are your thing then you’ll love Oh K!’s Gold Foil Sheet Mask – which will stand out on your Instagram feed for sure. Plus, as well as looking good, it does good as well – using extracts of real gold to brighten and hydrate skin. 


‘High-end but practical’ is your mantra in all areas of life – you’ll find yourself attracted to luxe, expensive beauty products, but only if they’re practical and worth the investment. Peter Thomas Roth’s Pumpkin Enzyme Mask certainly is – it uses enzymes and AHAs to exfoliate dead skin cells away, mimicing the effects of professional microdermabrasion – fresher, brighter skin. 


Pisces is the ultimate water symbol so it only makes sense that hydration is your thing. You’re already moisturising day and night anyway, but you like to up your game every now and then to intensely hydrate the deeper layers of your skin, and nothing beats a sheet mask… You’ll love Saturday Skin’s Quench Intense Hydration Mask, which is packed with hyaluronic acid, the ultimate hydrator. 


Always one to be attracted to the quirky and unique, when it comes to skincare your curiosity really comes into play. You’re always the first to try new and unusual products and ingredients, so Vitamasques Egg Sleep In Mask will be right up your street. The egg-shaped packaging cracks open to reveal a gel-textured sleep mask, which uses egg to restore balance to hydration levels. 


You’re a fire sign and it’s evident in everything from your quirks and traits to the products you reach for, which means you favour masks that are powerful and take action – you like to see results straight away. Zero Skin’s Black Peel Off Caviar Mask was practically made for you – once dry, the mask peels off your skin, extracting even the deepest-rooted impurities from your pores.  


You get bored easily so like to ‘shed your skin’ and transform yourself on a regular basis, which, in a skincare sense, means exfoliation is kind of your thing… Based on the ultimate exfoliator (Alpha-H’s Liquid Gold), the Liquid Gold Smoothing & Perfecting Mask uses glycolic acid to clear and rejuvenate dull and congested skin. 


You’re a relationships person, which means that you like to find opportunities to involve freiends and family and get social in everything you do. Thanks to Nugg, that can include skincare too – each of their mask pods contains enough product for two, so invite your mum/bestie.BF over and get masking. Top tip: The Hydrating Face Mask is a good all-rounder that will work for all skintypes. 


Although you might sometimes wish you were a bit more experimental, you’re a traditional type at heart so prefer to opt for tried and tested favourites over trying something new or unusual. Less is more, and you’d much rather invest in products that really work than follow the trends. A staple on every beauty bloggers shelfie, with hundreds of positive reviews, you can’t got wrong with Mario Badescu’s Whitening Mask