The Best CBD & Hemp Beauty Products To Try In 2019

Arguably the biggest skincare buzz of the last two years, CBD and hemp are the go-to ingredients we all need in our skincare routines. These natural skincare ingredients are both derived from the cannabis sativa plant – yep, it may sound familiar, but these elements work wonders on your skin, without the psychoactive effects. High in cannibidiols, CBD and hemp have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, making them some of the hardest working skincare ingredients in your skincare round up, tackling everything from wrinkles and eczema to acne and scarring. Rich in essential fatty acids, they work to strengthen and care for your skin’s natural barrier, preventing bacteria from getting in and hydration from escaping. Want to know more? We’ve rounded up our favourite CBD & hemp products from 2019 that you need in your skincare routine – starting now.

Revolution Skincare CBD Oil

It may not contain any THC (the component in cannabis that gives you a high), but this CBD oil definitely gives your skin an instant chill out. This super hydrating treatment is soothing for the skin, as well as being rich in natural fatty acids that are ideal for conditioning dry and sensitive complexions. Oh, and it’s vegan and cruelty free – what’s not to love?

Revolution Skincare CBD Essence Spray

Get an instant hit of refreshment with this super fine, hydrating mist. Enriched with CBD extract, this cool and calming spray helps to soothe, minimise redness and provide your skin with instant nourishment.

Ho Karan The High Oil

There’s nothing we love more than a multi-tasking product, especially when it’s enriched with hemp. This aptly named, multi-use oil is the perfect introduction to hemp if you haven’t used it before. Rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, this oil helps to nourish and soften skin, as well as being suitable to use on your hair and body too.

Ho Karan Super Nice Trip

There is nothing more refreshing for your skin than a gentle gel cleanser and Super Nice Trip is the ideal match for this. Enriched with hemp oil and aloe vera, your skin will be left feeling calm and completely free from impurities, without being stripped of its natural oils.

Dr. Botanicals Hemp Natural Super Enzyme Mask

Give your skin a treat with this super nourishing face mask. Infused with hemp seed oil that works to nourish, moisturise and protect your skin, whilst pomegranate enzymes provide gentle exfoliation. Get your skin feeling regenerated and renewed.

Dr. Botanicals Hemp Infused Natural Nutrition Moisturiser

Another hemp infused wonder from Dr. Botanicals, this enriching moisturiser is packed with the skin-loving benefits of hemp. This vitamin-rich lotion sinks into skin in seconds, leaving your complexion feeling nourished, hydrated and protected all day long.