6 Of The Best Liquid Lipsticks Out There

Liquid lipsticks are everywhere these days (sorry gloss), but finding the perfect one (pigmented, comfortable, non-drying, and ultimately long-lasting) is a legit #beautyproblem. There are just soooooo many brands to choose from that it’s hard to know where to start. We rounded up our tried, true, and tested favourites, which will hopefully make it a little bit easier for you to find The One.

Our top six lipsticks are not just Insta must-haves, they’re some of the highest rated, top-quality formulas out there. These formulas are designed with longevity in mind – rich, opaque colour that dries down to a matte stain with maximised staying power – something that traditional lipsticks can never quite do.

These lipsticks apply like plush velvet and stay soft, comfortable, and fully pigmented even after hours of wear. The ultra-pigmented formula glides on smoothly, delivering a seamless wash of vibrant colour that stays bright and bold all day. One coat and you’re good to go.

When it comes to liquid lipsticks, you can’t go wrong with Coloured Raine – they’re so matte that they’re almost powdery. Despite this, they still sit comfortably on lips without peeling off or making them feel tight, and they have a virtually crack-resistant finish.

There’s a reason why LA Splash liquid lipsticks are both social media staples and handbag essentials. The creamy, full-coverage formula applies like a gloss and delivers on its waterproof promise (it’s completely smudge-proof, so once it’s dried, so apply fast).

If you want a formula that will really, truly never move, Jeffree Star’s liquid lipsticks are deeply pigmented and last for hours, no matter what you throw at them (cocktails, burgers, kissing… you name it, your lipstick will remain intact). The texture is surprisingly light and blends without streaking, and the incredible shade range has an entire rainbow of pigments (yep, there’s even a blue). It’s practically perfect.

Gerard Cosmetics were one of the first to join the liquid lip game, and they continue to pioneer, with new shades and formulas continually raising the bar for other brands. Thanks to their slim doe-foot applicators, the product applies smoothly and evenly, and even better, they don’t suck the moisture out of our lips. It can be hard to get your hands on Gerard’s cult shade 1995, but it’s worth holding out for – the dusky rose brown works for every occasion.

The brains behind our favourite eyeshadow formula are responsible for our latest lip obsession. That’s right, Morphe’s newly released line-up of liquid lipsticks includes some of the most wearable colours we’ve ever tried and their pigment payoff is major. What’s more, unlike older formulas one the market which are thick and heavy, Morphe’s are extremely weightless – they glide effortlessly onto the lips and (even after hours of wear-time), never feel dry or crusty.