The 5 Best Moisturisers For Oily Skin

Treating oily skin is a battle. We know it can be tempting to skip moisturiser altogether, but we’re here to tell you that is the exact opposite of what you should be doing. Dehydrated skin can send sebum production into overdrive leading to clogged pores, excess blackheads and nasty breakouts

Moisturisers that walk the fine line between absorbing surface oil and hydrating the skin do exist, and we’ve rounded up six of the very best for oily skin so you can hydrate parched pores without encouraging oil, so you can be shine free all year round.

NIOD Hydration Vaccine

Infused with ingredients to mimic the skin’s barrier and prevent water loss, NIOD’s Hydration Vaccine helps to improve hydration using hyaluronic acid which draws in moisture while steadying the skin’s natural production of oils. The formula melts into the skin without clogging pores, resulting in hydrated and calmed skin.

Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Cloud Cream

Like a ‘cool glass of water for the face’, Peter Thomas Roth’s Drench Cloud Cream locks in moisture and contains added antioxidants to help plump and brighten skin. The non-greasy, weightless gel formula is packed with hyaluronic acid to help skin hold on to moisture without clogging and congesting pores. A cloud cream dream!

Freck Rich Bitch Moisturiser

Infused with vitamins C and E to promote brightness and protect against free radicals, Freck’s Rich Bitch is a great antidote for multiple skin woes that come with oily skin. Formulated with rich-in-antioxidants kelp extract to help protect against pollution, and rosemary leaf extract to fight inflammation, the light yet rich moisturiser waters thirty pores while targeting complexion annoyances.

Yes To Cucumbers Cooling Moisturiser

If you haven’t already said yet to Yes To, now is your opportunity. The Cucumbers Cooling Moisturiser helps to soothe sensitive with its cooling formula, while the cucumber extracts work wonders in calming aggressive acne. The metal roller applicator glides the moisture over skin and has been hailed a refreshing skin saviour during the warmer months.

Mario Badescu Aloe Moisturiser SPF15

If it’s a cult classic you’re looking for, Mario Badescu’s Aloe Moisturiser with SPF15 is a winner. The lightweight and gentle formula hydrates without triggering oil production and can work to improve skin’s texture and fine lines with long-term use. Formulated with oily skin in mind, the added aloe vera delivers soothing, calming moisture, and is perfectly lightweight for daily use.