The Best No-Flash Powders For People Of Colour

Makeup artists and beauty influencers may have mastered the art of perfecting the no-flashback look, but how do we all produce a flawlessly filtered skin finish without the filter? No flashback comes at a cost – essentially it is all down to how the skin is prepped, primed and set. Scroll down for my top tips.

Say No To SIlica

Avoid using setting powders and sprays that have silica in them. This ingredient is often found in powders because its light-reflecting particles are great for creating a glow and soft focus-effect. However, while these particles brighten skin and blur imperfections, they can also result in harsh white patches when photography flash catches on skin, so are the main culprits as far as flashback is concerned. Choose a silica-free version of your setting powder and your risk of flashback is immediately minimised.

Avoid Powders With Mineral SPF

While it’s important to wear SPF for skin barrier protection, the same SPF that reflects UVA and UVB rays will also reflect camera light. To avoid this result but still value your skin’s protection, take a look at your product ingredient lists. Avoid mineral SPFs (titanium dioxide and zinc oxide) and choose products with chemical SPF (avobenzone, octinoxate, and oxybenzone) to drastically reduce the ghost-like effect.

Free from mineral SPF and with a focus on combatting oiliness, the LA Girl Pro Face Powder balances a shine-prone complexion to leave a demi-matte finish. Its creamy texture covers blemishes and creates a flawless look without any imperfections in sight. Promising a natural lit-from-within complexion, the result is radiance without the fear of flashback.

Bake And Set With Banana Powder

Colour pigments in powders can also cause light-reflection because (as with silica) the pigment will bounce photography light back through the camera, leaving a white cast. Rather than picking a powder that matches your skintone, use a translucent powder or banana powder for baking and setting instead.

Not ready to part ways with baking just yet? The Revolution Loose Baking Powder is avilable as both a translucent and a banana powder – perfect if you want a complexion that appears both flawlessly filtered and natural. Finely milled and suitable for any skin tone, this powder expertly prevents the dreaded white cast.