The Best of 2020: Your Edited Reading List

There is no denying that 2020 has been wild. Despite being cooped in the house for the best part of 10 months, we’re pretty sure this is the year that we’ll never forget. But, like every year so far, December and the start of the new year are the times when we naturally reflect on the year gone by, and what better way to remember what 2020 had in store than a roundup of all the beauty and wellness articles you were reading to get your through this crazy year.

So, grab the biscuit selection box, relax, and reflect on the year that you’ll never forget with The Best of 2020: Your Edited Reading List.


January started the way all January’s should: we planned our New Year’s Resolutions and looked forward to indulging in the wellness trends. We were all about getting the perfect night’s sleep and discovering how a strong eight hours in the sack can impact every area of your life for the better.  But January was also a major hype month for us here at BEAUTY BAY, as we launched our first skincare collection. Luckily, you all loved it just as much as us.


The start of the 2020 saw BEAUTY BAY launch their first sexual wellness category, and it’s safe to say that you all vibed it, a lot! That ‘start of a new year’ feeling stayed with us throughout February, seen in the wellness and sexual wellness articles we published on Edited. A wellness coach told us how to live in the moment and we told you everything you needed to know about using a vibrator for the first time. A pretty good month!


March was a slippy little fish for, well, the whole world, and that mood of turning inwards as we retreated into our homes was reflected by the articles on Edited. We tackled those lingering period myths that everyone loves to self-scare and gave you all handy tips on how to get your mornings off to a good start while we were coming to terms with the pending-doom on the news.


April was the month when WFH and lockdown really became apart of all our vocab. But in true Edited style, we tried to seek the positives in a negative situation. The month of April on Edited was dominated by at-home wellness because we all needed it! You led the way on the stay-at-home trends, and we followed with tips on how to retrain your hair washing schedule and how to create the ultimate at-home spa.


May on Edited was all about revamping your makeup haul and introducing new and exciting ingredients into your haircare and skincare routines, just in time for the summer months. We gave our classic By BEAUTY BAY eyeshadow palettes a whole new look, let you know all the benefits of the wonder oil that is castor oil, and gave you a few tips on how to trim your fringe without inducing tears of ‘what have I just done!’


In our books, June is officially the start of summer, and what better way to embrace the brighter months (and the biggest trend of the year) than with the ultimate pastel palette? And let’s face it, if there is one year that needed six dreamy hues to lift its spirit, it was definitely 2020. But just because 2020 was full of twists and turns, we didn’t neglect our signature content. June saw us publish an article on How To Get Rid of Spots overnight, and you guys quickly made it one of our most read articles of the year.


In July we were all introduced to a new skincare woe (like we needed another!) ‘Maskne’ became the latest skin dilemma to haunt us as we all headed back outside with the added item on our ‘leaving the house’ list: phone, keys, purse, mask. But luckily By BEAUTY BAY launched the ultimate remedy to ‘maskne’ with the spot treatment that we now cannot (and will not) live without!


We are still screaming with just how good August was for the beauty obsessive. Not only did BEAUTY BAY launch the palette that nearly broke the internet, but we all came on step closer to being NikkieTutorials’ best friend. August was also a huge month for education on BEAUTY BAY and Edited as we launched our Back To Beauty School campaign, sharing all our knowledge on scientific skincare, sexual wellness, and of course, The Ordinary.


If you’re anything like us, you probably still run your life based on a school calendar of September – August, so the month of September always feels like a new year in the middle of the year. On Edited we reflected on two years since we launched the very first By BEAUTY BAY collection, indulged our makeup in plenty of Halloween prep, and discussed once and for all, which vibrators are the best for beginners.


October was another month of pending doom, closely followed by a second lockdown. But we got through it with the only way we know how: indulging in makeup, beauty, and escapism. By BEAUTY BAY launched the STUNNING Sunset Horizons Palette that gave us those classic autumnal shades to play with, and we gave you some handy tips on how to switch up your skincare routine just in time for those close to zero temperatures.


Did anyone else reach November and crave a little summer glow? Even though we were house bound for the month, there is nothing like glowing skin to make yourself feel that little bit better. In November we showed you how to make your winter tan look Santorini-fresh while you’re inside. And for outside? We gave you all the inspo you needed to match your eye looks to your mask.


Finally, December rolled back around and By BEAUTY BAY launched the perfect lipsticks and lip liners to give your Christmas Zoom party looks the pick-me-up they deserved. But, as with every year, those dark nights and creeping winter blues called for a few tips on how to steer clear of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and look forward to a brighter 2021.