You Need Jouer In Your Beauty Stash, Here’s Why

Unless you’ve been on a remote island with no wi-fi for the past few years, you’ve definitely heard of Jouer Cosmetics, an LA-based beauty company who have beauty editors, influencers, and YouTubers alike raving about the brand’s every product launch – each of which seems to be more 4684853 times more exciting than the last.

Jouer is renowned for its blindingly bright highlighters and souped up liquid lipstick formulas, but there are plenty more reasons why you need to add this brand to your beauty stash…

Makeup should enhance not mask

In founding Jouer, Christina Zilber was inspired by the belief that self-acceptance is key to looking and feeling beautiful. Jouer products are designed to provide women with the necessary toolkit to enhance natural beauty and compliment individual style.

Jouer is a beauty wardrobe

From everyday staples like concealer and mascara (the black jeans and white shirts of your wardrobe) through to additional add-ons like eyeshadows and lipsticks, Jouer allows you to edit a custom capsule makeup collection to suit every occasion.

The brand is all about fun

‘Jouer’ is the French verb for ‘play’ which cleverly translates into the brand’s aesthetic – from the slide-together packaging to the emphasis on fun and simplicity. Founder Christina says she developed Jouer in the hope that people would have fun with their makeup.

This is more than just makeup

Every product is designed to do double-duty – behind the smart packaging and vibrant colours, the science-savvy formulas deliver serious skincare benefits. Even the blusher formulas are enriched with vitamins to keep skin hydrated and protected.

Customisation is key

Frustrated by the limitations of product and colour choice available on the market, Christina wanted her brand to be a modern approach to beauty, allowing customers to build their own individualised palette of colours and textures. For that reason, you can slot Jouer products together to literally build your own palette.

Everyone loves Jouer

Including Elle MacPherson and Gigi Hadid! Yep, that’s right, from beauty writers through to Instagrammers, YouTube gurus, models, makeup artists, and of course, the hardcore makeup-obsessed – fans all turn to the Internet to express their love for Jouer Cosmetics.