The Best Primers For Dark Skintones

From creating a smooth base to evening out skin tone, hydrating the skin, and making pores appear smaller, the right primer can be your best friend when it comes to prepping for makeup application. For dark skin tones in particular, it’s important to find a primer that suits your skin type and achieves your desired finish without leaving a white cast on the skin. 

This edit will answer all your needs when it comes to picking the perfect primer for darker skin tones.


For darker skin in particular, uneven skin tone can be a concern when it comes to priming. Applying foundation isn’t always enough to cover the appearance of light or dark patches. The best way to eradicate this is by colour correcting. Apply a peach, orange, or red to the darker areas to lift and even the complexion before applying foundation. The L.A. Girl Color Correcting Primer in Orange is a great option. The nourishing and hydrating formula is infused with hyaluronic acid  and niacinamide to help retain moisture and improve the skin’s texture, all the while cancelling out hyperpigmentation and brightening the skin. Applying this underneath your foundation will leave your skin brighter, hydrated, and more even.


Similar to the Correcting Primer in Orange, the Revolution Pro Correcting Primer in Radiant Peach is a great primer for cancelling out hyperpigmentation – and it also focuses on brightening the skin. Eliminating dullness with light-reflecting pigments, the primer is the perfect product to even and illuminate the skin before makeup. Lightweight and water-based, the sheer apricot formula is light and oil-free so feels comfortable on skin. Hyperpigmentation, age spots, dark circles, and dullness – be gone.


Primers are best chosen for skin type and not skin tone – so those with dehydrated skin or wanting to create a hydrated and healthy finish should look no further than the Illamasqua Hydra Veil. Part hydrator and part primer, this product immediately hydrates and smooths skin, creating the perfect base for makeup products that follow. Formulated with microalgae and vitamins C and B3, which work together to not only increase hydration levels but to refresh and brighten the skin.


In complete contrast to the hydrating primer, the Matte Veil is for the oily skin gang – those who need to mattify their skin in order for makeup to last longer. The mattifying gel-crème formula is the perfect way to simultaneously hydrate and mattify the complexion. Unlike other mattifying primers (which can be drying and often leave a white cast on darker skin tones), this one doesn’t leave any white cast behind as it blends seamlessly into the skin.


Although no primer can truly mask bad skin, some well-worth products can blur out the imperfections you really want to conceal. The Pore Blur Primer is your answer to a smoother and flawless base, containing antioxidants (including vitamin E to nourish the skin), this primer glides over any large pores and texture leaving a seamless base as a result, and blending effortlessly into the skin (with no trace of residue). Vegan and cruelty free, this blurring primer is the perfect partner for any foundation.