5 Products To Make Your Commute Less Messy

For most, commuting is a boring but inevitable part of the weekday. If you’re anything like us, the latest possible tram/train/bus you can hop on without being late is still pretty early, which leaves little time for skincare and makeup routines. There’s no way we’re letting our commutes get in the way of living our best lives though, which means we often do our makeup en route. Sound familiar? We’ve given the lowdown below on the mess-free products we keep in our handbags for on-the-go application.  

BEAUTY BAY Liquid Crystals Eyeshadow

I have become the master of cutting down my morning routine on a work day to make sure I can maximise my time in bed! One of the ways I do this is by doing my makeup on my 30 min commute on the train into Manchester, and I’m proud to say I’ve got this mastered. One of my favourite products to use is the BEAUTY BAY Liquid Crystal eyeshadow. It’s literally so simple, effective and mess free, after popping on some concealer and mascara it’s my finishing touch. I simply use the applicator to swipe the shade onto my eye and the blend out the edges with my finger and… done!” – Eden, Influencer Marketing Executive

wet n wild Photo Focus Foundation

What I look for the most in a product to use on the go is ease of application, something that the Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation is amazing for. Instead of a pump for dispensing the product, Wet N Wild features a spatula attached to the lid, allowing for me to simply swipe the foundation onto my face without the added mess of trying to pump on a bumpy train! I am then able to blend the product into the skin effortlessly and quickly.” – Sophie, Studio Production Assistant 

beautyblender Sponge

Is there anything better than rolling out of bed 15 minutes later than you should do, taking a super long shower, getting dressed and making your way to the car for your boyfriend to drive you to work? This is my morning every morning, and the best bit is leisurely doing my makeup in the car on the 45-minute drive, made 100x easier with my beloved beautyblender. You don’t need me to tell you how epic having a beautyblender in your stash is but let me tell you this: they’re even more epic for lazy car makeup. Foundation, powder, contour and concealer; the blender applies it all, which means I don’t need to carry 17 different brushes to the car. I’m lazy and beautyblender helps me be lazier.” – Olivia, Content Assistant 

Freck Rich Bitch Cactus + Vitamin C Moisturiser

I have a really hectic morning before I start work at 8, so I need fast effective products to make me feel and look a bit more alive. Just before I set off driving I love to put Freck’s Rich Bitch Moisturiser on. I used to put a separate vitamin c serum on but because this has it included I get more for my money! I suffer from dry skin, especially round the eyes but this works wonders. By the time I’m at work I can put my Niod Survival 20 on and dab a bit of Cover FX Power Play Concealer on. Perfect!” – Harriet, Software Developer

Linda Hallberg Infinity Glass

Linda Hallberg Infinity Glass is my ride or die. Its honestly such a good multi-use product and is so easy to use whilst you’re on the go. It ticks so many boxes – I use it on my eyes, as highlight, mix with foundation if I wanna look really dewy, put it in my brows so they hold, lips… the list goes on. 9/10 when I wear it, I get compliments on how my skin looks. My skin type is dry / sensitive and it really helps to give me a glow. If your skin type is oily you might prefer to set your face first with the Infinity Loose Powder. Highly recommend!” – Milly, Influencer Marketing Manager