Finally, A Spot Treatment You Can Wear Under Makeup

When you’ve got a monster of a breakout there’s nothing that makes you feel better than walking around with a face full of spot cream. It makes me feel like I’m doing everything in my power to get rid of the little… and that’s why it really upsets me when I have to leave the house where unfortunately, big white splotches aren’t acceptable. 

After a long time searching for something that works just as well as it sits under foundation, I tried a few Formula 10.0.6 products and discovered their Rescue Me Blemish Care


A clear gel, there’s no overwhelming smell and it doesn’t feel sticky, stingy or drying. It’s perfect for smoothing over cleansed skin of an evening (first thing you do when you get through the door am I right?!) and is even great before bed as it doesn’t smear all over your pillow if you’re really knocked out! 

What really sold it to me though, if you can’t tell by the title – is how comfortably and undetected it sits under my makeup. Whenever I now have a spot, I’ll cleanse as usual in the morning before applying a small amount and layering my light or full makeup over the top. I don’t get any little dry patches or that intense burning sensation that is all kinds of wrong, it just eliminates all signs of redness and swelling in double the time! Thank you with all my heart Formula 10.0.6!