The Best Self-Tanning Products for Summer 2022

Mousses, lotions, and creams are all familiar formulas in the world of fake tan, but in the last few years, tan has become one of the most innovative beauty categories out there. You can now get your glow on with the help of face mists, shower creams, and even sticks that you can keep on-hand for on-the-go touch-ups. Whether you’re looking for a subtle everyday glow or a full-on tan ahead of a night out or (fingers crossed!) a holiday, there are plenty of glow-giving options to choose from. 

Scroll down to discover the self-tanning products we’ll be reaching for this summer. 

Coco & Eve Bronzing Face Drops

A few drops of the Coco & Eve Bronzing Drops turns your favourite night cream or body moisturiser into a bespoke self-tanner that builds colour subtly, giving you the kind of tan you can pass off as your own. Providing all the results with half of the effort, it’s ideal for beginners and gives skin a noticeable glow in just one use. In fact, it happens so fast we’re quite convinced that Coco & Eve’s secret ingredient is sunshine.

Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Water

Pro-tanner Jules Von Hep broke onto the tanning scene in 2018 with a revolutionary line of products designed to use colour correction to deliver the best colour tan possible. The stand-out in the range is the tanning water, which comes in three shades. The refreshing, weightless solution reaches everywhere (including those hard to get areas), dries down instantly, and develops in record speed.   

Bondi Sands Pure Self Tanning Face Mist

Tan addicts all over the world rate Aussie brand Bondi Sands as their go-to for tan without the dreaded orange tinge. The brand’s latest range, Pure, features five products which harness vitamin C, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid to leave skin bright and hydrated, and to prevent patchiness. Our favourite product is the Self Tanning Face Mist because it’s totally effortless to use. 

Tan-Luxe The Gradual

Tan-Luxe are favourites on the tanning scene and are constantly releasing innovative new products. That said, we’re still obsessed with one of their long-term bestsellers, The Gradual. Formulated with a lower pH than most tans (which results in a more natural-looking tan and less of that nasty DHA odor), the formula also does more than just tan – it contains ultra-hydrating raspberry seed oil, glycerin, and vitamin E to keep skin hydrated (which helps your tan to stick around for longer). 

St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion

St Tropez revolutionised the self-tanning game when they launched the Tan In Shower Lotion in 2015 and we still think it’s pretty cool… Mostly because you get an A+ glow without any of the side-effects associated with fake tan. Yup, that’s right – no streaks, no transfers, minimal odour, and colour that fades slowly and evenly – so no patches. The dream. 

Tanologist Self Tan Mousse

If you’re still feeling loyal to old-school mousse formulas, opt for this one from Tanologist – it’s a water, but it dispenses in mousse form rather than as a mist. There’s no need to rinse off because there’s no residue – so you’ll have an even, streak-free, golden tan in 1-4 hours. One coat will give you a subtle, natural wash of colour – just layer on daily to build the intensity.

Filter By Molly Mae Tanning Mousse

Boosted with hydrating ingredients like aloe vera and green tea, this nourishing formula is one of the longest lasting we’ve tried – fading slowly and gradually, without patchiness. What’s more, all of the shades are cool-toned, so you don’t have to worry about looking too orange.