These Are The Best Times Of The Month To Do Your Beauty Treatments

Scheduling your beauty treatments around holidays, nights out, and work commitments comes as second nature to us all. But did you know that thanks to your hormones, there are some treatments that you can benefit from planning with your menstrual cycle in mind?  

That’s right, your body’s sensitivity and your skin’s condition fluctuate throughout the month due to the rise and fall of estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. You may notice that your skin can be oily before your period and dry afterwards, and that your pain threshold changes throughout the month. This is all due to your cycle, and experts recommend planning certain appointments to adapt to this.

If you’ve ever wondered when the best time is to get  a facial, hair removal, or eyebrow threading, scroll down to find out how to schedule your treatments to get maximum benefits – and avoid unnecessary discomfort. 

1. Facial

Get a facial 2 weeks before/after your period (when you ovulate) 

You might think that it’d be a good idea to get a facial whilst you’re on your period since that’s typically the time of month when you’ll experience the most breakouts. However, your skin is actually much more sensitive and prone to flare ups during this period (no pun intended). Most breakouts lurk under the skin for days before they actually appear, so book a facial for around two weeks before/after your period (around the time that you ovulate) to catch it at the time when acne starts to form. At this point in your cycle your progesterone levels rise, triggering the production of oil within your pores and making it more likely to trap bacteria and cause breakouts, so the facial will have much more benefit. 

2. Hair removal

Do hair removal after your period 

Whether threading, plucking, or waxing, since hormones make your skin more sensitive right before and during your period, it can also make hair removal even more painful than usual. Reschedule your brow thread or laser removal appointment for after your period, when your skin’s sensitivity decreases. Likewise, if you’re considering a tattoo or piercing, wait until your period has passed. 

3. Chemical peel or exfoliating treatment

Get a chemical peel or exfoliating treatment after your period 

As your skin is most sensitive before and during your period, going for a peel or even just exfoliating your face can result in more redness and irritation than you’d experience at other points in your cycle. Instead, wait until after your period has finished to get maximum benefits and results from a peel or exfoliating treatment. At this time of the month your skin is at its driest so it can easily become rough and flaky so will really benefit from exfoliation. 

4. Waxing

Get waxed the week after your period ends 

Skipping a wax whilst you’re on your period might seem like a no-brainer anyway, but it’s also recommended to wait until after your period has ended for another reason. Again, because skin’s sensitivity is heightened before and during your period, you’re more likely to experience bruising and find your wax more painful if you have it before or during your period.  

5. Massage

Get a massage during your period 

If you’re used to spending your period doubled over with painful cramps and back ache, consider getting a massage whilst you’re on your period to help relieve the symptoms (and give your body a little TLC). A relaxing full body massage will not only help to calm your mind but also to soothe aches and pains and relieve bloating.