We Tried Every Product From The Better Skin Co

After reading the rave reviews and scrolling through their Insta, BEAUTY BAY staff were more than a little excited for the launch of The Better Skin Co. The brand develops multipurpose formulas that aim to heal problematic skin eruptions and simplify our skincare routines, believing that it’s what’s in the product that counts rather than how many products we use. Our ever expanding shelfies are always grateful for a multitasker, so we couldn’t wait to put them to the test. Discover our verdict below.   

Lava Magik

This is one of my new favourites for mid-week masking because it basically nails three steps in one – cleansing, exfoliation, and treatment – so I can do a deep cleanse whilst I cook my dinner (multitasking, for the win!). If you’re as immersed in the Instagram skincare community as I am, you’ll know that this is in pretty much everyone’s skin-saving stash, and for good reason… It essentially vacuums every last inch of grime and dirt from my pores. I would put it all over my body if I could.”  – Grace, Beauty Editor

Mirakle Cream

This cream is THICCCC! I really liked the texture and that it takes a moment to sink in – it feels like it’s hydrating your skin big time. I love that it includes loooads of really cool ingredients like sea buckthorn oil, hyaluronic acid and aloe.” – Alex Bee

Zit No More Gel Kleanse

Like many people, I’m blessed with hormonal blemishes about once a month. I’m a firm advocate for salicylic acid and tea tree oil when trying to get rid of my pesky spots, and this cleanser is formulated with both. Win win. After a few uses, my skin looked visibly clearer and brighter, so I’m reserving this secret weapon for breakout days.”  – Francesca, Marketing Executive

Gel Kleanse

Gel cleansers sometimes fly under the radar, but they’re actually one of the most universally friendly forms of face wash since they work well for all skin types. This formula utilises charcoal, green lava, and aloe vera to simultaneously detoxify, soothe, and hydrate skin. It dissolves makeup and grime without leaving my skin feel tight or stripped, which is all I ask of a cleanser!” – Grace, Beauty Editor

Lotion Kleanse

I’m always up for trying a new cleanser, so I was really glad when the Lotion Kleanse appeared on my desk and couldn’t wait to use it. I love the smooth, luxe texture and the fresh smell makes my face feel squeaky clean which is exactly what I want first thing in the morning and last thing at night. The bottle also looks great on my shelfie which is always a bonus. I’ll definitely be rebuying when I run out.” – Francesca, Marketing Executive

Amaze Balm

When a moisturiser is called Amaze Balm, you know it’s going to be an amazing balm. Better Skin Co’s ultra-rich moisturiser is super, super nourishing and feels like a hug for your face. Admittedly, the formula is very thick, but that only means I can use less, and the tub lasts longer! I have oily-combination skin, so I used the balm before bed and after my cleaning routine to give my skin plenty of time to absorb all the coconut and avocado goodness. I woke up with noticeably softer and spongey skin that definitely wasn’t down to just beauty sleep.” – Liv, Content Assistant

Zit No More Spot Treatment

I receive spot treatments for testing and review almost on a weekly basis, but right now this is my go-to whenever I feel a serious breakout coming on – I’ve never known a product to get to work so quickly. It stops lurking under-the-skin spots in their tracks and soothes any redness and inflammation in my skin.”  – Grace, Beauty Editor

Epik C Serum

My collection of serums is getting a little out of hand… but one more can’t hurt, right? To be fair, the Epik C Serum is the only one I own that’s specifically designed to brighten, and brighten it does. Apply before your moisturiser for an all-day glow that won’t quit.” – Francesca, Marketing Executive