BH Cosmetics Paradise Collection: 3 Steps To Summer-Proof Your Makeup

We love summer. We love the long nights and the beer gardens, the sandy toes and the summer playlists, the smell of sun cream and the balmy skies… it’s a total vibe, and we can’t get enough.  As soon as the hot months hit though, it can become more and more difficult to keep your makeup firmly on your face, resulting in smeared lipstick (the bad kind), melting foundation, and those dreaded panda eyes. Not cool.

Luckily for us, BH Cosmetics Paradise Collection is a thing, and it contains three secret weapons that are sure to keep your makeup in place throughout the hottest of heatwaves. Keep reading to discover the three steps to officially summer-proofing your makeup.

Step 1: Prime

Summer-proofing your makeup is alllll about the prep. There are three Paradise primers, so you can choose your secret weapon based on the finish you want and the skin type you have. Apply your chosen primer directly onto the skin and allow to sink in before applying your makeup for a look that lasts all day (no matter how much things heat up).   

The Hydrating Face Primer is super moisturising, drenching your skin in hydration and keeping your makeup looking fresh from start to finish. The Illuminating Face Primer is ideal if you prefer that healthy, glowy, lit-from-within look, and the Mattifying Face Primer is perfect for combatting shine and creating a smooth, even base.  

Step 2: Set

Next up, apply your makeup as usual and lock it in place with one of the three Paradise Setting Sprays. Again, there are three to choose from, so you can double up the effects of your primer or mix and match for a customised finish.

The Hydrating Setting Spray sinks quickly into the skin to leave it looking and feeling fresh, nourished, and quenched. The Illuminating Setting Spray is a gamechanger for duller complexions as it offers a glossy, rejuvenated finish with just a couple of spritzes, and the Mattifying Setting Spray ensures the skin stays smooth and shine-free.  

Step 3: Refresh

Finally, throw the Paradise Refresh Face Mist in your bag to give your skin a welcome boost throughout the day. Simply spray over the face evenly to instantly refresh, hydrate, and revive your complexion whilst on-the-go, without disturbing your makeup.