15 Minutes In This Sheet Mask Gave Me My Best Ever Glow

In a world full of sheet masks, it’s sometimes hard to know which way ‘the glow’ is. As a Very Experienced Sheet Mask Connoisseur (real thing) I’ve felt cheated, disappointed and at times, highly sensitive to some of their weird and wonderful promises. 

If someone mentions purified pores I want them now and I practically have mirror marks imprinted on my forehead from how close I’ve had to get to see results. Providing me with a relaxing, mirror-free experience however, was Biobelle.

With SUPER cute, Instagrammable packaging, they cover everything from cleansing and toning to firming and priming. Just as special on the inside, each mask is made with TENCEL, a biodegradable fibre made from the pulp of wood that adheres perfectly to the face. Soaked in serum, each mask is covered in its own unique blend of naturally derived ingredients and gentle preservatives to deliver instant, effective results. 

That said, first on my hit list was #Glam, a hydrogel mask that promises instant radiance and refined, purified pores. Like myself, please don’t be alarmed when you take it out of the packet in two pieces, this is in fact correct and you haven’t clumsily ripped in two (honest mistake).

Unusually yet conveniently, the two pieces smooth perfectly over the face and allow for precise placement. Adding to the cuteness, #Glam is designed with a black lace print, which made me feel full fancy pants as I lay in my worse for wear pyjamas and crammed chocolate through the tiny mouth hole. 

biobelle black tea extract glycolic acid mask

Its jelly-like texture felt refreshing on my skin and I was seriously blown away at the sheer amount of product I was given. After a mere 15 minutes, I removed both pieces to discover SO MUCH serum making its way deep into my pores, so to give it a hand, I massaged the excess over the face in small circular motions and left it overnight. In the morning, my face felt as soft as it’s ever been and it gave off a visible, well-rested glow (which is a big fat lie).

As far as pores go… pores where?! Because they aren’t on my face by the looks of it. Stood a good few steps from my mirror, all I could see was a clear, almost airbrushed complexion…So if anybody needs me I’ll be lay at my desk working my way through the rest.