What Influencers Really Think About The Bouncy Beam Highlighter Palettes

Last month we launched the Bouncy Beam Highlighter Palettes, the first products in our glow-getting Living My Best Light collection. If you’re in the market for a new highlighter palette and are tempted by the palettes, no doubt you’re about to start hunting down reviews. Don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you. We reached out to some of our favourite beauty-obsessed influencers for their thoughts on the Bouncy Beams

“I always find it so hard to find a highlighter that complements my skin tone, and now I’ve found my holy grail; the Smoulder Bouncy Beam Highlighter Palette from the Living My Best Light collection. The texture is so soft, and the pigmentation is unreal; who doesn’t love a glow. The best part is it has four shades in just one palette, making it easy to carry, and not to mention affordable (basically, four for the price of one). The bronze shades are great for during the day, for that bit of subtle glam at work, and the gold shades are perfect for the evenings when you’re going full glam. For the best application, I always use a highlighter brush.” – Sienna, @sienxlee

“I am super impressed with the Brilliance Bouncy Beam Palette! It applies so flawlessly and gives the skin such an amazing glow. The highlighters are so pigmented and apply smoothly to the skin – they have a gorgeous creamy finish that blends into the skin really well. I actually use the EYN Glow Up Highlighter Brush to apply these – it hugs my face in all the right areas and blends the product seamlessly, so it looks very natural and radiant. Each highlighter can also be used as eyeshadow and it’s perfect for any freelance makeup artists as there’s a shade for every skin tone… I personally adore the golden shades, Radiant and Charmed.” – Orla, @orlahurney

“Since receiving the Delicate Bouncy Beam Highlighter Palette I haven’t been able to put it down! The formula is like nothing I’ve ever felt before – it’s bouncy, light and buttery – almost like a hybrid of powder and a cream. I apply it with a highlighter brush, both wet and dry, and it seamlessly blends onto my skin either way. It has the ability to become one with my skin, and has slight specks of sparkle throughout which twinkle when the light catches them. The formula is buildable so you really can achieve your desired intensity, therefore making it perfect for absolutely everyone. I love it!” – Char, @char_barker 

“We all know how much of a big deal highlighter is in our makeup routine. That’s why I have been truly ‘living my best light’ with the Brilliance Bouncy Beam Highlighter Palette. The creamy, buttery texture allows you to layer and build up your glow, without caking. Its super easy to apply, and I love the fact I can use my fingers directly onto my skin. Especially adding extra dimension to my eyelids and collarbone. Its super pigmented and comes in four blinding shades. This palette has become my ultimate go-to for a fresh, dewy glow that bounces off my skin. Perfect for my everyday and every occasion.” – Caitlin, @caitssdarling 

“The Brilliance Bouncy Beam Highlighter Palette is my absolute favourite at the moment as each shade has a use in creating a full glam look. The shade Strobe gives the ultimate pop in the inner corner and on the brow bone, while the bronze and pink shades Shine Bright and Charmed look perfect on the cheeks to deliver a peachy bronzed glow. Each shade has a creamy, smooth consistency that applies easily with both fingers and brushes – however I prefer to use a small fluffy precise brush with short press-and-pull motions to layer the product onto the highest points of my cheeks. For an ultimate glam, dewy effect I like to spray my brush with setting spray which gives an almost glass-like effect to my skin. This palette is also suitable for multiple skin tones due to the shade range so it’s ideal for me when I’m doing clients makeup. The size of the palette is great for travelling too – it fits perfectly in my day to day handbag! This is a must have for your makeup kit.” – Lori, @lorimatthewss 

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