Meet Beauty Bay Brand Ambassador, Jack Emory

Here at Beauty Bay we like to take creativity and self-expression to the next level. So does Jack (@makeupbyjaack), who believes that it’s not just about the way you create your look, but how you feel in it that really matters.

Name: Jack Emory

Age: 22

Instagram handle: @makeupbyjaack

Location: Wales, UK

Favourite Beauty Bay product: Mario Badescu Facial Sprays!

Average time it takes to do makeup: About 2.5-3 hours

Best beauty tip: Always do eyebrows and eyes before base.. it’s so much cleaner!

What’s a day in the life like for you? Pretty normal! I film and edit, I take selfies, and I online shop way too much.

How did you get in to this line of work? Accidentally.. I wanted to be an army pilot. I just completely fell in to it without any intentions of making it my main focus/career.

Earliest beauty memory? Buying paint brushes from a craft store that looked like makeup brushes because I didn’t realise there were any affordable brushes on the market.

Biggest beauty mistake? When I started, 3 years ago, I clean shaved my eyebrows off and drew them back in! I did that for about a year.

What three words would you use to describe your beauty look? Pale, glowy, refined.

What inspires me you? Where do you find inspiration? Everything! I wake up and can’t believe that I get to do this all the time. I see the engagement with people who are genuinely interested in my work and me as a person, I see brands wanting to invest their time in what I’m doing… It all inspires me to work harder, do better, be more creative and push myself.

What are you listening to right now? Right at this very second as I’m typing, ‘Reflections’ by MisterWives. In general.. Fleetwood Mac, Crowded House, Cyndi Lauper, Sam Smith, Jessie J, Adele, to name a few. But Sam Smith’s new album has all my attention right now!

What is your idea of a perfect evening? I’m such a simple human! I just love chilling out with my best friends & bit of food, maybe grabbing a Starbucks and just talking about life. I’m not really one for going ‘out out’, I’m honestly over it.

What is the most used emoji on your phone💃🏻

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