Huns That Hustle: Nancy Twine of Briogeo

In honour of International Women’s Day, we chatted with nine kick-ass, powerful women who have broken through the glass ceiling and founded their own beauty brands. 


Meet Nancy Twine, former Vice President at Goldman Sachs, and founder and creator of plant-powered haircare line, Briogeo. 

Founded: 2013 

Location: New York City 

Motto: “The only barrier to success is giving up to soon.” 

On the most surreal moment of her career so far… 

“We never imagined we’d reach international success so quickly. It was a dream come true to bring Briogeo to international retailers like Beauty Bay.” 

On what she’s learned about business as a female brand founder… 

“As an indie brand, it’s our instinct to want to take every opportunity that comes our way, but not all opportunities align with our ethos – I’ve learned not to be afraid to say ‘no’ – sometimes those moments are the biggest success moments.” 

On the innovation behind Briogeo… 

“Briogeo combines high-performance products with clean ingredients, so you no longer have to compromise between great products that work and products that are highly synthetic.” 

On how she hopes to change the landscape for future female entrepreneurs… 

“I hope to serve as an example that the sky is the limit with your career if you work hard, are passionate, and constantly seek out improvement.” 

On how she’d describe herself in one word…