Huns That Hustle: Jenna Meek of Gypsy Shrine

In honour of International Women’s Day, we chatted with ten kick-ass, powerful women who have broken through the glass ceiling and founded their own beauty brands.  

Meet Jenna Meek, owner and Creative Director of Gypsy Shrine. 

Founded: 2016 

Location: The Northern Quarter, Manchester 

Motto: “Cross the ‘t’ of ‘can’t’ and say ‘I can’.” 

One how she’d describe herself in one word… 


On what inspired her to found Gypsy Shrine… 

“I always wanted to start a business painting faces at festivals but I chose the traditional route and pursued a career in fashion. After a few years, and itching to be creative again, I quit my job, bought a Transit van, and gave the festivals a bash! Then I started thinking about products and going beyond face painting – I bought loads of loose jewels and started playing around with them…” 

On the most surreal moment of her career so far… 

“Last year we flew to Coachella and did a Gypsy Shrine pop-up with a host of amazing A-listers. It was amazing and very surreal.” 

On her role models… 

“Karren Brady – I’ve read her autobiography and love her outlook on business. Also, Deborah Meaden – I aspire one day to have as much business knowledge and experience.”