Huns That Hustle: Simone Oliviera Xavier of Sigma Beauty

In honour of International Women’s Day, we chatted with ten kick-ass, powerful women who have broken through the glass ceiling and founded their own beauty brands.  

Meet Simone Oliveira Xavier, former veterinarian, clinical professor, and Executive Creative Director of Sigma Beauty. 

Founded: 2009 

Location: Mendota Heights, Minnesota 

Motto: “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” 

On what inspired her to found Sigma… 

“I wanted to develop easy solutions to women’s everyday beauty challenges. Applying makeup and knowing what brushes to use for certain techniques and functions is challenging – it inspired me to create brushes tht can do an entire makeup looks easily and effortlessly.” 

On how she strives to make Sigma a success 

“I always make absolutely certain that Sigma is an extension of my own beliefs, expectations, and goals, so that our customers can come to know and expect the highest of quality.” 

On her female mentors… 

“The women in my family have had a great influence in shaping my ideas and who I am… My sister was the one who introduced me to makeup and I constantly ask her for feedback on all my ideas and operations I oversee.” 

On how she succeeds in business… 

“The skills I used as a student, professor, and researcher in my previous career as a molecular biologist translate seamlessly into running a beauty business. Being a female scientist who successfully brings solutions to the beauty industry has given me a lot of confidence to trust my instincts.” 

On what keeps her going in the face of challenges… 

“It’s important to have a clear vision of what the future can be, an incessant will to try and succeed, and to be open to the chance of failure – that allows you to take risks.”