Our Favourite Looks From The Bratz Makeup Challenge

What happens when you bring together Noughties nostalgia, an obsession with makeup challenges, and a generation of aspiring MUAs with serious cut crease skills? The answer is easy if you’re immersed in the online beauty community, it’s the #BratzChallenge

If you’re not familiar with Cloe, Jade, Sasha, and Yasmin, the Bratz dolls were a sassy, modern take on the classic Barbie doll. Launched in 2001, the dolls had Instagram makeup mastered before Instagram even existed – think contouring, full lips, false lashes, and heavy eyeshadow

Eighteen years later and Bratz are back on the scene – this time in the form of a viral makeup challenge which sees MUAs attempt to recreate the dolls’ OTT makeup looks. 

Here are our fave submissions. 

Lucy (@hartyyy) used her skills to create the illusion of the dolls’ cartoon-like features and larger-than-life eyes – look closely and you’ll see her eyes are actually shut. 

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Looking like a real-life version of the dolls, Erin’s (@eeerinr) colourful recreation is nothing short of eye-catching. Brownie points for channeling the Bratz aesthetic into her matching outfit and accessories. 

Get the look: Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick in Orchid

Mitchell (@mmmmitchell) has recreated the Bratz dolls oversized eye look perfectly, right down to the tight-lined eyes and bold eyeshadow contrasts. 

Get the look: Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in Blow Pony

Showcasing some serious makeup skills, Jade’s (@jadelaurenharrison) attempt at the challenge also closely mimics the Bratz dolls’ doll-eye look using the closed-eyes technique. 

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Lena (@lenkalul) found inspiration in Cloe by bringing her contrasting pink and blue eye look to life – complete with glossy pink lips and full, feathery lashes. 

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Turns out Jade was well ahead of trends when she sorcked space buns and a micro-fringe way back in 2001. Marylia (@maryliascott) has mirrored the look with impressive attention to detail – check out those liner skills. 

Get the look: Revolution Renaissance Flick