The Top-Rated Anti-Dandruff Treatment You Need To Know About

It turns out that an over-reliance on dry shampoo is not without backlash, as I recently found out the hard way… 

Dry shampoo is great and all, but because it basically involves sprinkling loose powder onto your roots to soak up oil, the cumulative build up of this powder (plus natural oils and additional styling products) causes the scalp to run into major issues with flaking and itching.

The thing is, the scalp – just like the face – requires exfoliation to remove build-up, and regular shampoos don’t quite cut it… Enter the world of scalp exfoliants – not very sexy, granted, but essential for healthy, shiny, clean hair – yep that’s right, the state of your scalp is the biggest factor in defining your good (and bad) hair days.

My first introduction into the world of scalp exfoliation was Briogeo’s Scalp Revival Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo – charcoal-based and laced with abrasive particles, this feels more like a face scrub than a shampoo, and that’s the aim of the game, it literally buffs away the build-up.

Within a few washes this made a real difference – newly hooked I decided to branch out and throw another addition to Briogeo’s new scalp-focussed mini collection into the mix – the Scalp Revival Treatment. Rather than containing abrasive particles, it relies upon chemical exfoliation to break down build-up without the need for scrubbing. And the best part? Its effect is immediate.

Like a magic eraser, tea tree and citric acid eat away at those dry flaky bits, giving your scalp the next level exfoliation it so desperately needs. Meanwhile charcoal gets to work drawing impurities out from the scalp to prevent future build-up issues, while peppermint and spearmint oils cool and refresh to prevent itchiness (and also smell good). 

Briogeo recommends applying this before washing your hair, or as an overnight treatment, but I found it just as effective when massaged (liberally) into my scalp an hour or two before washing. This gives enough time for it to break down build-up before you wash it away to reveal a perfectly flake-free scalp and super-soft, buoyant roots.

Oh, and the third piece in the collection? A dry shampoo that doesn’t cause build-up – Scalp Revival Dry Shampoo – so you never have to suffer flaky scalp issues ever again.