Here Are 4 Ways To Build Your Own Customised Eyeshadow Palette

Eyeshadow palettes are all fun and games until you realise that you reach for the same shades over again, while others remain untouched. The solution? It’s an obvious one, build your own – zero throwaway shades, hues that complement your eye colour and skin tone, no money wasted on product you won’t use – and when you hit pan on one you can just pop in a replacement of the exact same shade.

To get you started, we turned to Makeup Geek and Z Palette to create four look-based palettes for your #inspiration.

Neutral Palette

Neutral eyeshadow palettes are the ‘black jeans’ of the beauty world – a staple essential – every makeup lover needs at least one in their stash.

1. Creme Brulee

2. Latte

3. Wild West

4. Magic Act

5. Grandstand

6. Luna

7. Steampunk

8. Mocha

9. Starry Eyed

10. Cabin Fever

11. Bake Sale

12. Barcelona Beach

13. Bandwagon

14. In The Spotlight

Smoky Palette

Everything you need, ranging from light to dark, with some options for a subtle injection of colour. Your next smoky eye will be #goals.

1. High Wire

2. Drama Queen

3. Blacklight

4. Friend Zone

5. Americano

6. Taboo

7. Curfew

8. Moondust

9. Galaxy

10. Corrupt

11. Cabin Fever

12. Bada Bing

13. Sand Dollar

14. Centrestage

15. Charmed

Warm Palette

Warm, earthy tones are bang on trend so why not create an entire palette of them? The perfect complement to coloured eyes, trust us.

1. Curtain Call

2. Morrocco

3. Cherry Cola

4. Bake Sale

5. In The Spotlight

6. Flamethrower

7. Aphrodite

8. Sin City

9. Tan Lines

10. Goddess

11. Glamourous

12. Bitten

13. Burlesque

14. Anarchy 

Bright Palette

If you’re someone who seeks variety when it comes to your eyeshadows, pre-made palettes may not have satisfied the inspired MUA within you – this one will.

1. Dragonfly

2. Boo Berry

3. Tiki Hut

4. Pop Culture

5. Shark Bait

6. Pixie Dust

7. Fortune Teller

8. Fuji

9. Wisteria

10. Early Bird

11. Chit Chat

12. Day Dreamer

13. Masquerade

14. Plot Twist