By BEAUTY BAY Brows, Tried & Tested

ICYMI, we recently launched the latest addition to our coveted By BEAUTY BAY range… We all know how much we love a good brow product and whether your go-to look is natural and fluffy or sculpted and defined, we’ve now got the must-haves you need to achieve your perfect brow.

The By BEAUTY BAY Brow Fixer Fibre Gel and Micro Sketch Brow Pencil are the perfect duo when it comes to mastering your arches. When used alone or together, these products take your brows from 0-100 in seconds. Don’t just take our word for it, keep reading to find out what BEAUTY BAY customers thought and see the products in action from some of our favourite creators.

Brow Fixer Fibre Gel

“Really good product, made my brows look fluffy and full without looking false, helped with a sparse bit on one of my eyebrows, and they stayed brushed up like soap brows, which my eyebrows haven’t done with any other product.” – ljc47, BEAUTY BAY Customer. Shade: Teddy.

“I love everything about this, good colour, good application… Holds brows in place a long time.” – Rhiflexx, BEAUTY BAY Customer. Shade: Teddy

“I absolutely love this eyebrow gel. Super epic hold, cool toned colour that deposits the perfect amount of product and doesnt get all over the skin around my eyebrows and become messy. This is my new favourite brow gel for sure. The clear one is good too but very much a more natural brow product. This one gives volume, a tint and hold. Love this!” – Abi A, BEAUTY BAY Customer. Shade: Sable.

“Love this, keeps my brow hairs in place all day and adds some pigment to make them look more natural! Brilliant for the price!!” – georgialily26, BEAUTY BAY Customer. Shade: Biscuit.

Micro Sketch Brow Pencil

“Not huge on brow pencils but this is brilliant. Fills in the gaps where your own hairs don’t reach. Nice fine lines and long lasting colour.” – Rhiflexx, BEAUTY BAY Customer. Shade: Buff.

“Great brow pencil. The nib is so small that it’s perfect for a natural brow but also can be used for a perfected full brow moment. The shade I bought is also great for Medium Brown – dark brown hair!!” – Sian, BEAUTY BAY Customer. Shade: Brownie.

“Good for doing fluffy brows, great color and easy to apply.” – Cait, BEAUTY BAY Customer. Shade: Tawny.


@bexcxmpbell is giving us serious brow envy. Get the look with the Micro Sketch Brow Pencil in Brownie and the Brow Fixer Fibre Gel in Glass.


We’ll take @diocrowe’s brows please and thank you. Recreate this look for yourself with the Micro Sketch Brow Pencil in Brownie and Brow Fixer Fibre Gel in Teddy.


For brows like @rei.lilith, pick up two shades of the Micro Sketch Pencil – use the lighter shade to create your overall brow shape and the darker shade to fill in any sparse areas. Set in place with the Brow Fixer Fibre Gel and you’re good to go!