We’re Obsessed With… The By BEAUTY BAY Tinted Lip Balms

Let’s get one thing straight: I am obsessed with lip balms. I own at least 30 and have a minimum of five on rotation at any given time. If this was Vogue and I could show you inside my handbag, the contents would consist of: a hydrating lip balm, a tinted lip balm, a glossy lip balm, the two lip balms I have attached to my car keys, and a lip balm that I carry around purely in case all of the other lip balm suddenly sprouted legs and left me.

Why am I so obsessed with lip balms I hear you cry? I enjoy the silky, soothing feeling of applying them; I enjoy smacking my lips together after applying them; and I like knowing that I’ll always have great lips no matter where I am. 

It’s because of all of the above that I have fallen completely head over heels for the By BEAUTY BAY Sheer Tinted Lip Balms. I first discovered this trio of goodness precisely one week before they launched (perks of working in beauty, eh?). Now, if I could FaceTime you all one by one and show you my lip balm collection, you’d notice that the By BEAUTY BAY Sheer Tinted Lip Balms look different to my collection. I usually go for the classic lip balm tube rather than the lipstick style applicator, which is probably why I didn’t pay the Sheer Tinted Lip Balms much attention before they landed on my desk. Oh boy I am kicking myself now. My lesson from this: never judge a lip balm by its tube. 

So, what makes these unassuming lip balms so good? So good in fact that I have started carrying all three with me at all times (plus, my spare of course). These balms have the smoothest, silkiest formula that leaves a lightweight feel on the lips. Not too glossy, not to matte, just right said Goldilocks. And even after countless soothing lip rubs, the colour stays put. 

The colours are also something to behold. The Vanilla & Coconut shade is the perfect soft nude, the Cherry is the ultimate bitten-red, and the Strawberry is the shade I wish my lips were naturally at all times. I would strongly recommend buying all three to avoid FOMO. Each shade also has the most gorgeous scent that even my boyfriend noticed from six feet away. 

It went something like this: ‘You smell like cherry’, ‘Thanks it’s my lip balm.’ ‘Should have known.’ 

AND ONE MORE THING! The Sheer Tinted Lip Balms have been formulated with a blend of jojoba oil and vitamin E making them so much more than just a lovely lip colour. After all, we all know the right ingredients make any beauty product a health and wellness essential. I beg you not to miss out on yours. It’s for your own good.