Your 2020 Cancer Beauty Horoscope

Cancer season is here and the next 32 days are all about taking some time for yourself. Gone are the days of Gemini season, where the fast-paced, sociable, and upbeat vibes were flowing. Cancer season depicts a time where you should check back in with your emotions, particularly when Mercury Retrograde is looming. With Leo season just around the corner, take some time to make meaningful connections with yourself and your home life. Whether it’s investing in a 12-step skincare routine, trying out a new facial massage tool, or simply running yourself a hot bath – this is the season of a water sign after all.


First off, happy birthday to all you Cancerians out there! Seeing as this is your season, you are going to thrive. Everything you say and do this month has much a much deeper meaning, so use your time wisely and check in with your mental health and wellbeing. Light some of Aēsop’s Anouk Oil Burner Blend, kick back, relax, and just take some time for yourself – this month is all about you.


Although the water sign Cancer is quite the opposite of your fiery side, Leo, use this social break to rest up and relax before we enter your season. Get your beauty sleep in and take it to the next level with Spacemasks. The warming sensation is calming and relaxing, helping you to get a good night’s sleep. Plus, there won’t be a tired eye in sight when it comes round to your birthday celebrations!


Cancer season gives all you Virgos the chance to reconnect with your friends and let them know that you miss and appreciate them. Although we can’t spend time with our friends right now, you can still share the love in other ways. Spread the love and send your nearest and dearest a BEAUTY BAY Pastels Palette in the post to cheer them up.


Granted, Cancer season can be a struggle for sociable, excitable Libras, but this doesn’t mean to say that the next month can’t still work for you. Spending time at home can mean trying out something new and experimenting with new makeup looks. We’re obsessed with the colour story of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Mini Norvina 2 Palette and it’s the perfect match for your bright personality.


If life’s feeling a little stressful Scorpio, take some time out and focus on you for a change. Bodycare is something that can sometimes get neglected in our ever-busy lifestyles, so take the time to give your limbs some TLC. If you’ve never tried the Sunday Rain Exfoliating Charcoal Cubes then you need to. The skin-detoxing and softening sugar cubes are the perfect match for bath time.


Sagittarians are likely to feel romantic during Cancer season and if you ask us, self-love is the best kind of love. Try out the Lelo Sona Pink for some well-deserved me-time and find your vibe.


Another sign that is harnessing the down time of Cancer season is Capricorn. Capricornians are taking this opportunity to explore and widen their skincare horizons. If you’re looking for a refresh of your skincare routine, then let us introduce you to PSA Skincare. Their innovative formulas get you the results that you want every time. Oh, and their packaging looks great on your shelfie.


Cancer season’s nurturing vibes will inspire you to establish new routines that work for you, Aquarius. Been slipping on that promise to wear SPF every day? Well now’s the time to get the new habit in place. Our favourite? The Ultrasun Face SPF50+, an all-round, lightweight formula that gives maximum protection.


A fellow water sign, Cancer season is presenting you the chance to get back in touch with what makes you happy, Pisces. One of the best natural mood boosters? An orgasm. So why not treat yourself to the Unbound Bender and have some uninterrupted time to yourself.


Leo season is just around the corner, and that is your time to thrive Aries. So whilst you’ve got the chance, take some time to recharge those social batteries and give your skin some TLC. Give your skin a calming hit with the Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Calming Mask, an all-round mask that will leave your skin looking and feeling it’s best.


As a logical earth sign, Taureans can take just about anything in their stride, and Cancer season is no different. Keep doing what you do best Taurus and stock up on some of your reliable faves. The Mario Badescu Drying Lotion is always a good skin saviour to have on hand.


As your whirlwind season has drawn to a close, it’s time to rest and recoup Gemini. After (zoom) partying and socialising for the last month, you’ll be after some much-needed sleep. Drift off into slumberland in seconds with the NEOM Bedtime Hero Magnesium Body Butter, an enriching and calming body lotion.