These Carbon Theory Bundles Are Your Ticket To Clearer Skin

Packed with ingredients like anti-bacterial tea tree, detoxing charcoal, and brightening lactic acid, we love Carbon Theory’s products because they transform problematic skin from every angle. Proving that keeping skin clear is as much about hydratiing and nourishing skin as it is about cleansing and exfolaiting, the brand offer up a kind-to-skin solution for acne-prone skin while also being suitable for all skin types.  

Lucky for you, we’ve curated a pair of Carbon Theory skincare bundles to introduce you to the brand. Both of these make perfect starter sets if you’re new to the brand or want to up your skincare game. 

The Daily Essentials

Skincare newbie? Prefer a minimal skincare routine? This bestselling twosome work together to keep skin clear while preventing dryness and dehydration. The set features the bestselling cleansing bar that went viral on Instagram (thanks to the amazing before and after pictures posted by users), along with a nourshing tea tree-infused moisturiser designed to rehydrate and protect skin after cleansing. 

The Full Works

This powerhouse set of products has everything you need to combat any number of skincare woes – slough off dry skin, purify your pores, brighten dullness, and rehydrate and nourish your skin. The set includes a cleansing bar, moisturiser, facial tonic, exfoliating scrub, and mud mask. The products can be used individually, when needed, or combined for an all-encompassing five-step at-home facial. We suggest starting with a soap cleanse and exfoliating scrub before using the others to ensure you are getting the most benefit to your skin.