These Carbon Theory Products Will Keep On Top Of Maskne

Wearing a face mask might be the new normal, but ‘maskne’ doesn’t have to be. The all-new skin complaint describes breakouts, redness and irritation around the mouth and chin, caused by wearing a face covering. If your skin is already sensitive, oily, or acne-prone then you’re probably more likely to be experiencing this. The friction caused by the mask irritates the skin, while the trapped heat and moisture creates a breeding ground for bacteria – particularly if you’re wearing makeup under your face mask. 

Since Carbon Theory is all about battling blemishes and clearing skin, they have some perfect anti-maskne products… 

Cleansing Bar

Cleansing should be your top priority, both before and after wearing your face mask. So, if you’re not already, now’s the time to start double cleansing – especially if you’re wearing makeup under your mask. This charcoal-based cleansing bar is exactly what’s needed to lift away bacteria, oil, makeup, and grime. The detoxifying ingredient draws out deep-down congestion while tea tree oil reduces inflammation and shea butter prevents dryness. 

Breakout Control Cleansing Pads

Exfoliation is key to preventing a maskne flare up, since if your pores are clear and free from buildup, there’s less chance that breakouts will occur. Soaked in glycolic acid, these gentle exfoliating pads break down dead skin cells, while antiseptic tea tree reduces the redness and swelling of any existing blemishes. A perfect treatment to use after a day wearing a mask since they’re super soothing. 

Breakout Control Facial Wet Mask

From one kind of face mask to another… If you’ve had a particularly nasty maskne flare-up or want to adapt your routine to prevent one, then a purifying and detoxifying mask like this one will help to draw out impurities and reduce blemishes. Applied either all over or just on the affected area, this soothing blend of mineral mud, activated charcoal and tea tree works fast to clear skin without drying it out. 

Breakout Control Facial Moisturiser

Don’t skimp on moisturiser, even if you’re more concerned by breakouts and excess oil than dryness. If you’re experiencing maskne then it’s important to support and strengthen the fragile skin barrier since without it, skin loses moisture and is more vulnerable to bacteria and other contaminants. As well as hydrating skin, this lightweight lotion contains blemish-busting ingredients like zinc and tea tree oil. 

Breakout Control Spot Paste

No spot-fighting routine would be complete without a targeted blemish treatment. Designed to be applied onto both upcoming and existing blemishes, this powerful blend of zinc, tea tree and vitamin A performs as both an antiseptic and antibacterial to reduce inflammation, destroy acne-causing bacteria, soothe irritation, and repair damage. Ideal for taking down mask-induced breakouts while you sleep.