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The Glitter Lip Tutorial

By Rose-Ann Cullen, 7th November 2016

Thanks to Pat McGrath, the glitter lip is EVERYWHERE this season. For our take on the trend, we teamed a blackberry hued lip colour with a burgundy glitter shot through with rainbow flecks for a gorgeously bold party look. Keep the rest of your makeup minimal to make this lip look really pop. 

The Steps

1. Apply foundation, concealer and any blush or contour as normal.

2. Groom through brows with a brow brush to tidy and define if needed.

3. Use a fluffy brush to blend soft brown and taupe shadows over the lid.

4. Lightly line the eyes with eyeliner.

5. Set the base with a light dusting of loose powder.

6. Apply a lip primer to the lips to smooth the skin and make lipstick last longer.

7. Use a lip pencil to define the lip shape and lightly blend into the lip to create a base.

7. Apply the lipstick with fine tipped lip brush, blot and repeat if necessary.

9. Add lipgloss over the top of the lipstick.

10. Finally, use a fluffy brush to press glitter into the lipgloss.

You Need

stila aqua glow serum foundation
cargo hd lip primer
la girl semi permanent auto lip liner
gerard cosmetics lipsticks
natasha denona lip glaze