9 Stocking Fillers To Add To Your Christmas List

People define ‘stocking fillers’ in lots of different ways – to some, they’re small sized presents, but to others, the low cost is what defines them. But whatever they are, to me, a stocking is definitely the best part of gift giving – a whole bag full of tiny, intricately wrapped gifts I can sit and chain-unwrap?! Count me in. Here are the nine best stocking fillers that cover all the bases, for the beauty lovers in your life.

EOS Smooth Sphere limited Edition Candy Cane Swirl Lip Balm

By the time you realise you’ve lost your coat lip balm, desk drawer lip balm, gym lip balm, clutch lip balm, car lip balm, and emergency lip balm (the list goes on), it’s too late for your lips – they already feel gross and absolutely nothing will satisfy you until you’ve slathered on a good few layers of the stuff. Been there. The only reasonable decision here is to add another lip balm to the gang, so that there’s less chance of this travesty occurring. And what better choice than a honey apple EOS?

Jeffree Star Cosmetic Metal Straws

The definition of a great present if something boujee you’ve been admiring from afar, but wouldn’t buy for yourself – it’s the embodiment of ‘treat yo’self’. And you know what else is the definition of treat yo’self? Designer metal straws. And while not only do they look great, you’re also doing the planet a favour by using them, too. So you basically have to have them. I don’t make the rules.

Starskin Orglamic Pink Cactus Pudding Mini

What is it about the word ‘pudding’ that makes me want to face plant directly into this cream? But, if you resist the urge, this little wonder by Starskin will smooth and brighten your complexion with its nutrient rich cactus base. And did I mention how cute this will look in your shelfie? Need.

Paul and Joe Fragrance Rollerball in Freesia

Getting perfume for Christmas is the the adult version of ‘receiving some bath bombs that you can smell through the wrapping paper before you even start unwrapping them’. This is the sparkly body mist gift set you begged your parents for as a kid – but all grown up. Feel (and smell) like a fancy, fancy lady with the Paul & Joe Freesia Rollerball Fragrance.

Beauty Bay EYN Fiery 42 Colour Palette

Go big or go home. Who said a stocking filler had to actually fit *in* the stocking? Keep them stocked up until next Christmas (…and the Christmas after, and the Christmas after) with a whopping 42, highly pigmented, warm toned shadows. The dream.

Jouer Cosmetics Powder Highlighter in Citrine

The Jouer Cosmetics Powder Highlighter in Citrine is honestly one of the glowiest highlighters that’s ever encountered my cheekbones; and that’s a loooong list. Gleam to the absolute heavens and outshine every bauble and fairy light this Christmas. Plus, pro tip! If you ain’t afraid of no glow, spray your brush with a little setting spray before dipping in, to maximise the sheen even more.

Yes To Grapefruit Vitaminc C Glow Boosting Snapmask Stick

Christmas; the time when your diet consists of 90% various types of crisps and brie, wine is coursing through your veins, and – as you’re off work and have subsequently forgotten what day of the week it is – 4am seems like a perfectly reasonable bed time. If you don’t need to give your skin a little extra TLC around this time, then when do you?! The in-between days of Christmas and New Years are the perfect time to do a funky face mask (try the Yes To Grapefruit Vitaminc C Glow Boosting Snapmask Stick!), and your skin might even thank you for it, too.

Mario Badescu Rose Lip Balm & Facial Spray Set

If there’s one thing us girls love, it’s a beauty set. And if we do love anything more than a good beauty set, it’s a beauty set that’s great value for money, and lets us try all the things we’ve been saving to our Wishlist then shutting the tab on. This cute little stocking filler is a sure winner, and even makes an excellent secret Santa gift (if you can convince yourself to actually give it away).

Sosu By Suzanne Jackson Cle Baree & Boujee Palette

If you won’t wear hot pink sparkly eyeshadow around the festive season, then when will you? Never: that’s the answer. Banish boring neutrals to the back of your makeup bag, and make a statement at the office Chrimbo party with this eye-popping (literally), SOSU By Suzanne Jackson Cle Baree & Boujee Palette.