5 Ways To Use Clear Mascara In Your Beauty Routine

Clear mascara is thee ultimate makeup bag hack that you’re missing out on. It may hold bittersweet memories of a way to get around your high school’s ‘no makeup’ policy, and for that reason you could have left it firmly in your makeup past. But clear mascara is actually a multiuse beauty product that your hair and makeup need. Here are five reasons to get back on board with the day one beauty staple.

Defining The Lashes

Ok, let’s start simple. Clear mascara is the ultimate beauty product for creating that no makeup look. With all the qualities of a coloured mascara, clear mascara defines and curls the lashes but leaves a fresh and polished finish. The lack of colour also makes clear mascara the ultimate pool/beach side essential: lash definition without the panda eyes.

Brow Gel

I’m sure you’ve already searched high and low for the perfect brow gel (I can relate). But your brow taming saviour could already be in your makeup bag. Clear mascara is a multiuse gamechanger thanks to its ability to set brow products without sweeping them up your forehead.

Lash Primer

Applying a few coats of clear mascara before your actual mascara is the perfect way to add even more volume and length to your lashes. If you’re a fan of layering up your black mascara but you aren’t a fan of the clumps that come with it, clear mascara is the hack you need in your routine. Plus, priming your lashes with clear mascara before waterproof mascara can make your life so much easier when you remove your makeup in the evening. No tugging on your precious lashes, just a swipe and it’s off.

DIY Coloured Mascara

Is it me or is it getting hack in here? Making your own coloured mascara (yes, with clear mascara!) is ultimate way to wear a different coloured mascara everyday without having to splash out. Clear mascara can be mixed with your favourite eyeshadow shades and pigments and swiped over the lashes for a fresh lash look every day. I’ll be wearing The Pastels Palette all over my lashes for weeks.

Hair Tamer

Whether you prefer your baby hairs slicked back or styled out across your hairline, clear mascara is the hair hack you need. The ‘setting’ nature of the formula means baby hairs and flyaways can be easily held in place with just a swipe of the spoolie.