Here’s How To Colour Correct, No Matter What Your Skin Tone

Colour correcting might sound like a complex procedure that applies more to an art or science project than makeup application, but it’s actually super easy and super effective – and chances are, to some extent you’re already doing it. 

The best primers, concealers, and foundations don’t just blur fine lines and help makeup stay put; they can conceal specific skin concerns, like redness, dark circles, and unwanted sallow tones (no need for an Instagram filter).

Every colour of the rainbow has its uses, and they’re all based on a fairly basic principle – colours that are opposite each other in the colour wheel will help to cancel each other out. For example, if you suffer from excessive redness, go for green primers and concealers, whereas purple will mute yellow tones, and warm reds and orange shades will cancel out cool-toned pigmentation and dark circles.

The catch is that not all products will yield the same results on all skintones, so we compiled the ultimate guide to colour correcting, no matter what shade your skin. Watch and read for our top solutions.



No matter how bad a night’s sleep you’ve had, an orange/red concealer can always be counted on to disguise dark circles. It’s high pigment and high coverage so only a small amount is needed. 

Yellow-toned concealers will knock out cool-toned shadows around the eyes and add warmth to a dark complexion when layered under foundation.

Pink-toned concealers add luminosity and make the complexion look all-round clearer, brighter, and healthier. These shades are ideal for blending brighter colour correctors into the skin.



Luxurious in texture and luminous in finish, the brightening and hydrating properties of this primer smooth skin and softly blur imperfections without leaving a chalky cast or texture. 

Long-lasting and full coverage, this palette contains a whole roster of camo options – effective against blemishes, scarring, and dark circles. There’s no wonder it’s used by pro makeup artists.

This works double duty to perform as both a foundation and a concealer, working brilliantly to even out the skintone for a completely flawless base that wipes out redness and dark circles in an instant.



Age spots, dark circles, acne scars, and melasma can all leave brown marks on the skin. Only the right skincare products can help with the damage, but peach concealers will do an A+ job of hiding it.

Good skin in a tube, this foundation adds high coverage finish to skin and is so highly pigmented that it completely neutralises any underlying discoloration.

If your skin has a tendency to turn shiny quickly, this can dislodge carefully applied layers of colour correctors. Top up with this loose neutral-toned powder to lock product into place.