Colour Theory Get The Look: @laviedunprince Wears The Origin Palette

Your beauty adventure begins with Origin – a selection of 42 warm nude and neutral shades to create casual and wearable eye looks. Follow the step-by-step tutorials below to create @laviedunprince‘s from the Origin palette.

1. Use a flat brush to apply concealer all over the eyelid.

2. Pack BASE 1 over the concealer to create a seamless base for the other shadows to blend on top of. 

3. Blend TRANSITION 1 from the crease up to the brow bone using a fluffy brush. 

4. Intensify the colour of the transition by packing on a second layer of the same shade, this time using a dense brush.

5. Deepen the crease using CREASE 1 to add dimension blend LINER 1 along the lower lash line.

6. Cut the crease with concealer and sketch out a wing outline following the natural shape of your eye. Then go back in with the crease shade to deepen the centre of the wing.

7. Pat POP 1 into the centre of the lid next to the crease shade. 

8. Brighten the inner corner by applying HIGHLIGHT 1 and finish the look with a pair of lashes. 

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