10 Gamechanging Concealer Hacks

If I was only allowed to use three makeup products for the rest of my life, there’s no doubt in my mind that one of them would definitely be a concealer. Considered a makeup hero, concealer does everything from hiding tired eyes, concealing spots, balancing out your complexion, and shaping your face – quite frankly, there seems to be no limits to what a good concealer can achieve. Looking for a how-to on how to apply concealer? Check it out here.

Although we’re all too familiar with the standard uses of concealer, we wanted to take it that one step further. We asked the beauty obsessives at BBHQ, scoured the internet, and scrolled through TikTok to bring you the ultimate list of all the concealer hacks that are going to completely transform your makeup routine. Find out which concealers are the best, according to our customers.

1. Use a darker shade as cream contour

It’s likely that you’re already using a similar shade to hide spots and a lighter shade to brighten, but have you been sleeping on how concealer can change your contour game? Pick up a shade that’s deeper than your natural skin tone and use it in place of your usual contour products. Concealer tends to last longer, contains more pigment, and makes your skin look flawless in the process.

2. Apply to the inner and outer corners of the eye to lift your eye shape

Gone are the days of applying a full triangle of concealer underneath your eyes – less is more in this case. Simply apply a small amount under the inner corner of the eye, vertically down the side of your nose, then apply diagonally from the outer corner of the eye towards the temple (in the same direction that you would apply winged liner) to elongate the shape of your eye.

3. The concealer ‘sandwich’

If, like me, you suffer with acne and struggle to conceal your spots, then let me introduce you to the concealer ‘sandwich’. The concept is that you apply concealer both before and after your foundation, allowing for greater coverage that also lasts longer. Just use a concealer that matches the shade of your foundation, try it for yourself, and you’ll never look back.

4. Let your concealer ‘dry’ before blending

Known as ‘cooking’, leaving your concealer to ‘dry’ on the skin for several minutes before blending allows you to get a more flawless finish. Leaving the concealer on the skin allows it to thicken and react with the warmth of your skin, allowing for a more seamless blend and longer lasting coverage.

5. Press setting spray and powder onto the concealer for a creaseless finish

Stopping concealer creasing can be a difficult task that not many people can achieve. Particularly common around the eye area, concealer creasing is where the concealer settles into fine lines and pores. To stop this from happening, instead of dusting your setting powder over the top of the concealer, pat it onto the skin – preferably using a makeup sponge. This sets the concealer in place, stopping it from fading or creasing.

6. Colour correctors are your BFF

No matter your skin concern, there’s a colour corrector for it. Colour correctors are a type of concealer that balance out unwanted tones, prepping the perfect base for your usual, skin-coloured concealer. Green counteracts redness, whilst colours like yellow balance out under eye circles. 

7. Use concealer to tidy up your eyeliner

Ever wondered how to achieve a super sharp wing? Although a lot of the skill is in the application, getting it right first time doesn’t have to be a thing. Apply your eyeliner as usual, then sharpen up any rough edges using concealer and a small, angled brush. The result? The best winged liner of your life.

8. Mix with your liquid blusher to sheer out the shade

For those no-makeup makeup days where your usual liquid blusher is a little on the heavy side, simply mix with a small amount of your concealer for a lighter, less pigmented finish. It’ll give the perfect healthy, natural flush to your cheeks.

9. Mix with your favourite lip colours for a custom blusher

In the same way that you can sheer out your blushes with concealer, you can create new ones with your favourite lipsticks too. Again, just mix some of your lipstick with your concealer on the back of your hand to create a creamy pigment, then buff onto the cheeks and you’re good to go! Perfect if you love a pulled together, monochromatic look.

10. Use liquid concealers for under the eyes and cream concealers for the rest of your face

As a general rule, liquid concealers usually work best under the eye as they are lest prone to moving and creasing, whereas creamy concealers melt into the skin for an undetectable coverage. But as always, find what works best for you by trying out a few different formulas.