How To Create A Cowshed Spa Day At Home

Winter is coming – cold days and dark nights have never sounded less appealing than they do this year, with fewer opportunities to socialise and anxieties running high, it’s important to take time to enjoy some self-care. While normally you might have booked a facial or checked into a spa, this year is all about taking a DIY approach to beauty, so why not recreate an inspiring spa experience at home.  

There’s no better brand than Cowshed – stocked in spas and luxury hotels worldwide (including Soho Farmhouse and Babington House), the brand is perfect for adding a little luxury into your everyday routine. 

From setting the scene to applying the products, here’s our five-step guide to recreating a Cowshed spa in the comfort of your own bathroom. 

Relax Calming Room Candle

If you’ve ever visited a spa IRL, you’ll know that you can always smell it before you’ve even stepped foot through the door. Scent is key to a spa environment, especially if the fragrances used are chosen to help calm and relax the mind. As its name suggests, this candle does just that and will fill your rooms with the clean and delicate aroma of lavender, eucalyptus, and chamomile. Use the candle to edit your lighting situation as well. Switch off harsh, bright overhead lights and use lamps and candles to create ambient surroundings. 

Sleepy Calming Bath Salts

While you may not have access to a pool or hot tub, a hot bath is the next best thing, and bath salts are an excellent at-home substitute for cleansing spa treatments. Sprinkle them into your tub as the water is running and allow them to dissolve – the Himalayan salt will help to ease muscle tension while vitamin E and squalane will nourish skin, and the citrusy aroma will clear your mind. 

Cowshed Clay Face Mask

Once in the bath, allow a few moments for the heat and steam to open your pores (this improves ingredient absorption), then apply a generous layer of this clarifying clay mask. It basically acts like a one-step facial – kaolin clay cleanses pores while green tea soothes inflammation and cranberry seed gentle exfoliates. 

Replenish Uplifting Oil

To boost the citrus scent of your bath, add a few drops of this oil – a blend of mandarin, orange, and grapefruit which will help to revive your senses. Take time to lie back, close your eyes, and inhale deeply and slowly. It also doubles up as a nourishing body oil, thanks to moisturising sesame and hemp oils, so once you’ve left your bath, spend time massaging it over any areas where you have aches and pains. 


Relax Body Lotion

Finally, cocoon your skin in this nourishing body lotion which scents skin with lavender and eucalyptus and softens it with a blend of shea and cocoa butters. The light lotion sinks in fast and without stickiness, so you can slip straight into your pajamas afterwards.