Your Second Day Hair Needs to Meet DesignME

Second, third, fourth, and even fifth day hair always needs a little help. It’s one thing to have your un-freshly washed hair looking nice, but it’s a whole new mission to keep it feeling nice. Enter: DesignME – the Canadian haircare brand that creates formulas that are as much an art as they are a science.

With a range dedicated to prolonging the life of your freshly washed hair, DesignME haven’t stopped at creating a simple, one-size-fits-all dry shampoo formula. Instead, DesignME have created a dry shampoo and hair enhancing product for every hair colour and type for those days when there isn’t time to shower. Plus! The brand are all about sustainability; that’s why some of their products have a handy refill option. 

Keep scrolling to meet the next heroes of your second, third, fourth, and even fifth good hair days.

Quickie.ME Dry Shampoo for Light Tones

What is it: A dry shampoo spray to refresh and absorb excess oils.

Who is it for: Blonde and pastel toned hair.

What does it do: Made with a base of rice starch, the Quickie.ME Dry Shampoo for Light Tones has been designed to blend perfectly into light toned hair without that powdery white finish. The formula works to absorb excess oils, build up, and odours no matter how many days it’s been in between washes. The fresh, fruity scent is also a real treat!

Quickie.ME Dry Shampoo Foam

What is it: A dry shampoo foam to instantly refresh the hair and absorb excess oil.

Who is it for: All hair types. Works especially well with coils and curls.

What does it do: If you’re not convinced by dry shampoo, maybe you need to meet DesignME’s Quickie.ME Dry Shampoo Foam. The non-sticky foam works to pack the hair with volume while tackling excess oils, build up, and odours that ruin good hair vibes. With a rice starch formula, the foam dissipates into the hair instantly and leaves it with a scent of freshly cut herbs, blackcurrant, and lychee.


What is it: A leave-in treatment.

Who is it for: All hair types.

What does it do: The real question is, what can’t this leave-in treatment do? The 18-in-in formula helps to (breath): detangle the hair, reduce blow dry time, hydrate, manage frizz, strengthen, condition, enhance shine, improve manageability, protect against heat and UV damage, prevent breakage, control porosity, and protects hair colour. Whatever your hair concern, this multi-benefit mist is a good hair day in a bottle.