Do Hair Growth Supplements Really Work? I Tried Them For Two Months

As beauty lovers, we spend a good portion of our time looking for ways to keep our hair looking and feeling strong, long and healthy. Unfortunately, the majority of us struggle to grow our hair past our shoulders, and those who do manage that feet, battle split ends, breakage and fly aways. If only there was magic drink that could help…

My hair has suffered through ten years of blonde highlights, my obsessive compulsion to wash and condition every day (controversial, I know), as well as daily abuse from the hairdryer and straighteners. Pre SOS Haircare, my hair would grow much further than my collar bone, despite regular haircuts; it was fluffy at night and frizzy in the morning; and manages to be dry and greasy at the exact same time. To sum up, my hair was not in great condition, and to be honest, I had no idea what ‘good condition’ felt like. 

But every sad story deserves a happy ending, and fortunately for you, readers, my knight in shining armour arrived on my desk two months ago. At first, I was hella skeptical about any product that claimed to transform hair/skin/nails from drab to fab and SOS Haircare’s SOS Cactus Vitamin Drink, made three claims: hair growth, hair repair and hair health. 

When I saw these claims, I did an eye roll in my head. How could a daily sachet change my hair in two weeks? I was not having it. My mind was made up. It would take a drastic change in my hair for me to think otherwise, and the SOS Cactus Vitamin Drink would have to work twice as hard to impress me. 

But, to my amazement and to the amazement of my once breakaway hair filled hairbrush, my hair is somehow, healthy and is getting healthier every day.

Packed with hair-loving ingredients and vitamins, such as biotin, zinc, vitamin A and copper, the sachets are mixed with water and drank daily. Admittedly, the mix does look like pond water, but the two very pleasing flavours: Mojito and Pink Lemonade, helped me move past this. 

I first noticed the lack of hair being pulled from my head when brushed, touched or just looked at my hair. Two weeks later, it didn’t look as frizzy, but still felt frizzy. But, one month later, someone said to me: ‘your hair has grown’, and I instinctively ran to the kitchen and mixed another sachet. 

After six weeks of drinking the mix (I did forget some days, I’m only human), I pulled my hair back into a ponytail and I realised my hair had doubled in volume and felt silky despite me not brushing it for about five hours. 

Following two months of pretending I was drinking a mojito daily but instead packing my body full of vitamins and goodness, I decided to take the plunge and not wash my hair for two days. The result? There was absolutely no change in the look or feel from my last wash to the day I decided to wash. 

Moral of this story? 1) If there are vitamins in the supplement, they’ll work really well. 2) Believe what SOS Haircare tell you. 3) Add SOS Haircare to your favourites for repeat orders because they’ll change your life.