Everything You Need To Know About The Dodow Sleep Aid

Struggling to drift off and get your full eight hours? We’ve got you. Trusted than more than 700,000 users, the Dodow Sleep Aid Device is the bedside accessory that you need to add to your bedtime routine. Combining breathing techniques with behavioural cognitive therapy, Dodow is the science-based, medicine-free device that claims to help you fall asleep in just 8 minutes… Where do we sign up?

Keep reading to find out more about how Dodow works and what we really thought when we put it to the test.

What is Dodow and how does it work?

Dodow is a pebble-shaped, touch-activated sleep aid device that emits a blue light for you to sync your breathing to. Simply turn on your Dodow, select the 8 or 20 minute mode, then synchronize your breathing with the blue light projected on the ceiling – breathe in when it expands and breathe out when it retracts. Dodow then turns off automatically, so that you don’t need to worry about it and can get your beauty sleep.

The idea of Dodow is that it helps you to keep focused on breathing techniques, which can be difficult to do without the blue light to keep you in the zone. Its principles are firmly routed in science, as it’s based on 13,000 studies on cardiac coherence. Dodow combines meditation principles such as breathing techniques, yoga practices such as abdominal breathing, and behavioural cognitive therapy to regain confidence in your ability to sleep, meaning that it’s easier to get relaxed before you drift off.

It’s suitable for helping night awakenings, stress, quietening your mind, insomnia, and it’s a much safer, medicine-free alternative to sleep medication. You could even use it during the day to practice some mindfulness or soothe feelings of anxiety.

Dodow put to the test

After reading that this little device could help you to fall asleep within just eight minutes and is trusted by thousands or users, I was curious to see if it could help me drift off into the land of nod when my brain can be prone to be running at a million miles an hour post-10pm.

First things first, the sleek pebble-shaped, white device is not going to ruin your bedside feng shui. It’s minimal and modern, as well as being super small, so won’t take up a lot of room. The touch-activated function allows you to select two modes – either eight minutes or 20 minutes, depending on how long you think it will take you to drift off. The neat device then projects a soft blue light onto your bedroom ceiling – it expands, signalling that you breathe in, then retracts, which means that you should breathe out. If you’ve ever practiced yoga before, it’s the kind of deep, abdominal breathing that you need to be doing to get the full benefits.

Sure enough, after following the blue light for only five minutes, I could feel my eyelids feeling a lot heavier. Not long after, I drifted off and didn’t wake again until the next morning – a rare achievement for me. I’ve tried breathing techniques before to help me get to sleep, but I often found myself getting distracted by thoughts or sounds around me. The beauty of Dodow is that the light helps you to keep focused on your breathing, which allows you to reap all the benefits that mindfulness and meditation can have for you. All in all, the Dodow is here to stay in my bedtime routine.